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Tips to keep your senior pet healthy

We might deny it, we might not accept it, we might even resist it, but it is indeed hard to ignore that our pets usually age faster than we do. Your beloved cat or the dog that has been a part of your family since forever might just be aging faster than you currently realize. There will soon come a time when your pet will become a senior and have special needs. If you neglect that fact, you will be doing nothing but making life difficult for them. If you, like many others, want to keep your pet healthy and live out their senior days happy like any other family member; you should take extra care of their needs once they become seniors. A senior pet requires a lot of special attention and care

Benefits of chiropractic care for seniors

Chiropractic care, which is one of the most acclaimed forms of addressing spinal issues, is beneficial for everyone including seniors. There are few myths surrounding this form of spinal care or therapy, but in reality chiropractic care is not only safe but better than all other alternatives such as drug treatments and surgery. What Makes Chiropractic Care Effective? Chiropractic care is known as an effective form of spinal care because it addresses all the abnormalities causing spinal disorders that come with aging. Chiropractors who are proficient at chiropractic care are trained to treat all subluxations and the effects they inflict on the central nervous system. Subluxations are the mi

Buying fresh & buying local at farmers markets can become addictive

Nestled under a canopy of trees in one of the parking lots at UNC Asheville, the cool breeze belies that it’s late July. And the market is buzzing. “You really need to bring a basket, but I always forget it,” a shopper is overheard saying one Saturday mid-morning at the North Asheville Tailgate Market. “There is nothing like cooking and eating fresh food.” One of the oldest in the area, NATM happens every Saturday from 8 a.m. – noon from early April through late November. You’ll find not only locally grown seasonal vegetables, but you can round out your grocery shopping with honey, probiotic drinks, cheeses, farm fed beef and pork, vegetarian proteins, seafood, breads, herbs and so much more

The Asheville Running Experience

Greg Duff has been running for a lot of years and when he moved up to the 55-59 age group, he thought the competition would get easier. He thought wrong. The Personal Records (PR’s) he’d hit a year before were history. He’d have to start over, set new goals for a PR. But that’s okay. The owner of Glory Hound Events likes a good challenge. Especially when that challenge involves personal fitness. And putting together “The Asheville Running Experience” fit that criteria… big time. Now in its third year, The Experience is a series of five separate events taking place over three days in Asheville, Friday, Sept. 22 – 24. There’s something happening for everyone, no matter the fitness level — a

Explore the varieties of honey in Western North Carolina

What’s better than a generous topping of honey to sweeten up the biscuits you’ve just made? But there are so many different forms of honey sitting there on the shelves of your neighborhood store that it often becomes a frustrating exercise to pick out just one. To relieve yourself from the confusion, it is good to have prior knowledge of what qualities make for good honey. Boasting of the highest number of beekeepers in all of the US, Western North Carolina has a rich history of cultivating honey in a variety of forms. If having the most beekeepers was not enough, North Carolina is also host to various blooming plants. From the valleys to the piedmonts, each landform within the state is ho

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