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Keep up with tech innovations

For better or for worse technology has worked its way into almost every facet of our lives. Our phones are smarter, our cars can talk, and almost any product can be ordered to our house with the touch of a button. This may seem overwhelming but if we learn make this technology work for us, it can be used to improve our lives. Those of us who have spent many frustrating hours trying figuring out how to use their smartphone or laptop may laugh when they hear that technology makes life easier. That cynicism is understandable, technology moves fast, and the half life of knowledge in this field shortens with every “new release.” Often times those who are left behind with new tech innovations are

10 reasons to go nuts

(BPT) - For the roughly 75 million Americans who make up the baby boom generation, a healthy diet and lifestyle are the best weapons against age-related diseases. "It's vital at any age to adopt good habits to live a strong, fit and healthy life," says Dr. Mike Roussell, a nationally recognized nutrition consultant and nutrition adviser to Men's Health and Shape. "Fueling your life with tasty and nutrient-rich foods while making sure to be active every single day are essential components to keeping your body young and vibrant." Roussell's recommendation? Nuts. In particular, pistachios. "Pistachios are a multitasking nut with fiber, healthy fats, and three specific types of antioxidants that

Must-know investing and retirement tips

(BPT) - Parents and grandparents typically pass down many things to the next generation - jewelry, furniture and other family heirlooms. But what if the best thing that the preceding generation passed along was their financial wisdom? Through years of investing and saving for retirement, Baby Boomers have experienced a lot and learned many helpful lessons along the way. A recent survey from Capital Group(R), home of the American Funds(R) and one of the world's leading investment management firms, studied the dynamics for Boomer investors as they transitioned into retirement. The survey revealed what expenses cause the most sticker shock for retired Boomers, why they retire earlier or later t

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