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Taylor’d with Style ~ Closet Bliss

By Jean Ann Taylor How often do you look into your crowded closet and think, I have nothing to wear? This stressful predicament affects many of us because we often buy and keep clothing that is inappropriate for our personality, our body type, or our lifestyle. There are many reasons why we have this tendency, but there is only one way to repair the dilemma—get rid of clothing clutter intentionally and rationally, then make smart, future clothing purchases. The hopelessly, overwhelming emotion many of us feel when faced with this task can be dissipated by consciously evaluating what we own, and then by deciding what to discard and what to keep. The first step in reaching closet serenity is h

Simple Meditation for Beginners

Meditation is scientifically proven to have many positive effects on mental and physical health. It has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, improve insulin resistance, and decrease the risk of heart attack and stroke. The medical community recognizes meditation as treatment for chronic pain, depression, and substance abuse. Best of all, meditation is something that anyone can do, and it has zero unwanted side effects. While there are many different meditation techniques, you do not have to attend a class or find a guru to start a meditation practice. You simply have to start meditating. The first step is deciding to meditate regularly. This might sound like a big c

Get Started With Fitness Walking

Walking can be a great way to get or stay in shape. When done correctly, it exercises just about your entire body, should be low impact, combines cardio with strength and flexibility training, and gets you some fresh air and sunshine (hopefully). But like any exercise program, it does require some dedicated effort and consistency to get the desired results. You’ve seen them. People strolling down the sidewalk in full workout regalia, talking on the cell phone, maybe pulling a dog on a leash or pushing a baby stroller. This is nice. It is a pleasant diversion. It’s much better than sitting in a chair. What it is not, is exercise. For the purpose of this article, exercise must raise your heart

Save Money, Eat Healthy at a Farmers Market

If you are looking for a way to save money on produce and eat a healthier diet, the solution may be as close as your local farmers market. Farmers markets bring fresh local produce to consumers, whether they live in the city or enjoy a more rural lifestyle. No matter where you call home, there is probably a farmers market or two within easy driving distance. So the next time you are feeling hungry and adventurous, get out the car keys or hop the train to the local farmers market. You just might be surprised at the great solution, excellent prices and wide variety of fresh healthy food you will find there. Better Taste One of the biggest advantages of shopping at farmers markets is the

Satisfy your comfort food cravings

After a long day, digging into a hearty pasta dish or a piping hot bowl of soup can fill you with warmth and coziness - especially on those chilly days. The good news is that comfort foods don't have to be unhealthy or take a lot of time to make. We can still enjoy the rich, flavorful options that feed your cravings with easy-to-make dishes that incorporate wholesome, nutritious ingredients (some taken directly from your grocery store's chilled foods section). Here are some helpful tips to enjoy comforting meals without the guilt: * Combine frozen and prepared foods with fresh produce. Frozen meals and pizzas, as well as chilled pasta, are the perfect bases for balanced meals and come in man

Common Ailments Cured by Drinking More Water

You’ve probably been told that drinking more water improves health, but did you know that water can help cure a slew of daily discomforts? Here’s the lowdown on what ailments good old H2O can alleviate: 1) Headaches Headaches have many causes, including allergies, migraines and sinus infections. One common cause is dehydration. If you regularly experience headaches, try drinking more water. 2) Dizziness Dizziness and light-headedness are two common symptoms of dehydration. People with low blood pressure are extra prone to dizziness and can counter this by increasing water intake. If you experience dizziness or black out when standing up, that’s your cue to grab a bottle and chug. 3) Weight G

Some Thoughts on Spending Your Tax Refund

If you are like most people, you are expecting a hefty tax refund from the IRS. Because of the tax law changes, refunds have been running substantially lower, so you might want to check into that. If you are one of those taxpayers lucky to get some of your money back, you are probably already thinking of things to buy. But you might want to take a different approach this year. You could splurge on some extravagant purchase , but this year why not make a new start? You can use your refund to invest in your future and enjoy a better lifestyle both now and for many years to come. Here are some suggestions. #1. Set Up a Mutual Fund Account You may not know it, but you can start a mutual fund

You Too Can Conquer the Clutter

Decluttering is something most people need to tackle now and then. Even the most organized people can find things piling up over the years. The good news is you can successfully conquer the clutter. This article outlines 4 steps you can take to deal with the clutter in your home. 1. Focus on one area at a time When you are eager to declutter, it’s easy to move from one area to another without actually finishing what you started. It’s easy to get distracted in your excitement to declutter. In order to successfully declutter you must focus on one area at a time and finish it before you move on to something else. If you want to declutter your purses, bring them all out and go through them. De

Easy Plants for Beginner Gardeners

You don’t need a green thumb to grow beautiful flowers in your yard or on your patio this season. Build your confidence as a gardener by starting with these annuals that are easy to plant and will give you satisfying results in a short amount of time. An annual is a plant that you must replant each season. That’s as opposed to a perennial, which will become dormant over the winter and come up again the next spring. Perennials are somewhat harder to care for than annuals, and they often require you to wait for the results of your labor. You can start annuals from seeds, or you can buy small plants at a garden store. Purchasing the plants is the way to get excellent results immediately. Here a

Owning a Pet has Some Health Benefits

If you’re an animal lover, you’ve likely already considered how much a pet can improve your life. However, it’s not just your mood that benefits--there’s a fascinating range of scientific studies proving that the company of animals can have a significant impact on your physical well-being as well. Here are 10 of the most exciting ways in which owning a pet can improve your health. 1. They can reduce allergic reactions It used to be assumed that children who grew up around a pet were more likely to develop significant allergies. However, modern research suggests the opposite; there’s compelling evidence that being around any hairy or furry animal reduces the risk of childhood allergies and

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