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Things that might help reduce your risk of cancer

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The causes of cancer are very unpredictable.

So much so, that there are often conflicting reports and articles across the internet. Something that is promoted for reducing the risk on one place may be advised against in another. With a conundrum awaiting anyone who wishes to secure themselves from the grips of the threat that cancer presents, a question is definitely raised regarding what a person can do to reduce the risk of cancer.

While authentic researches and results regarding what prevents cancer is still in progress, and is evolving, what we do know is that your lifestyle options have a huge role to play in whether you develop cancer or not.

So, if you want to stay safe from the hassle of Cancer, you can take solace in the fact that a few changes in the lifestyle can ensure that you stay on the safe side. A few of the things that you should add and a few of the changes you should make to lifestyle for averting the risks of developing cancer are:

Avoid Tobacco Using any form of tobacco puts you on track towards cancer. Smoking has on numerous occasions been linked with numerous types of cancer. The most common forms of Cancer that loom over your head, if you use excessive tobacco, are cancer of the mouth, lung, larynx, bladder, pancreas, throat, kidney and cervix.

Results from certain cases have shown that even if you are not an excessive smoker, or have never used tobacco in your life, exposure to smoke from other people, or passive smoking, can increase the risk for lung cancer. Avoiding tobacco is one decision that will have a long-lasting impact on your life.

Besides being a really healthy decision to make, avoiding tobacco will also have a very important role to play in cancer prevention. If you need assistance, contact your doctor for strategies and products that can help you in quitting.

Consider a Healthy Diet Many may argue that a healthy selection of food may not guarantee cancer prevention. Although, a healthy diet may not guarantee complete prevention, it will severely help reduce the risk of cancer. Tips and guidelines you can follow when it comes to your diet, are:

Fruits and Vegetables are Key: The key to avoiding the risk of cancer is to base your diet on vegetables, fruits and other foods that come from sources of plants. You can take whole grains and beans along with the diet. Avoid Obesity: You can avoid obesity by eating lighter and leaner. Try to choose low-calorie foods. Cut down on food items with high-calorie intakes such as refined sugars and animal fat.

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Be Moderate with Your Consumption of Alcohol: The risk of numerous types of cancer increases with your consumption of alcohol. Cancer of the colon, breast, kidney, liver and lung significantly increases with the length of time you have been drinking and the amount of alcohol you drink. Thus, even if you drink alcohol, try to maintain moderation.

Refrain from Eating Processed Meat: Eating processed meats on a regular basis can enhance your chances of developing cancer, according to a latest report by the cancer agency from the World Health Organization.

Besides the guidelines mentioned above, women are recommended to eat the Mediterranean diet, as it reduces the chances of breast cancer. The Mediterranean diet focuses on plant-bases foods, such as vegetables and fruits, whole grains, nuts and legumes.

Be Physically Active Keeping yourself physically active and maintaining a healthy weight will significantly lower the risk of various forms of cancer. An unhealthy lifestyle presents the threat of cancer of the prostate, lung, breast, kidney and colon. Physical activity is the key point here and counts in countering the threat of cancer.

Physical activity can counter both colon cancer and breast cancer by its own. The key to keeping the threat of cancer away is to get 150 minutes of aerobic activity during a week. The aerobics can be moderate to vigorous. The general goal should be to have at least 30 minutes of physical activity during a day.

Protect Yourself from the Sun Skin cancer has recently emerged as one of the most common kinds of cancer. Although, it has become really common, it is still extremely preventable.

You can try the following tips to stay safe from the threat of skin cancer: Avoid the Midday Sun: The rays from the sun are believed to be the strongest between 10 am to 4 pm. try remaining indoors during these hours, so you are safe inside when the sun rays are strongest.

Wait in the Shade: If you have to wait for someone while you are outdoors during midday hours, try to find a shade and stay under it for as long as possible. Try avoiding the sun, if it is inevitable for you to stay outside. Sunglasses coupled with a broad-brimmed hat are perfect for such occasions.

Cover all Areas: Opt for clothing that covers as much of your skin as possible. Your clothes will act as the perfect cover from the sun rays and will keep you out of harm’s way. Clothes with loose fittings and bright colors are also feasible.

Use sunscreen: Always have a sunscreen with you at all times. Use generous amounts and reapply on a routine basis.

Get Regular Tests and Medical Care While it is best to avert the risk of cancer beforehand, if you do end up suffering from the disease, it is best that you catch it at the earliest. Regular screenings for various types of cancer including breast, cervix, colon and skin can increase the chances you have of discovering the disease right at its inception.

The treatment is more likely to be successful if cancer is diagnosed in its early stages. To further simplify this process, you can ask your doctor about a screening schedule.

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