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(BPT) - Whether you've helped a family member through treatment or are facing a diagnosis yourself, hearing the word "cancer" can make people feel powerless and overwhelmed.

For many, the best way to regain control is to be as educated as possible. This desire to be informed can lead to an endless and exhausting search for relevant, trustworthy, and relatable information.

"People with cancer are overwhelmed by information from many disparate sources, however, they need to absorb and retain what's important to them. Curated information that is specific to their individual situation allows them to focus without having to sift through irrelevant and often inaccurate content."

Ellen Miller-Sonet Chief Strategy and Alliance Officer CancerCare

That's why pharmaceutical companies and leading advocacy organizations developed, a new online destination for people impacted by cancer. offers educational information, a powerful coaching tool, and links to relevant blogs and social channels, all in one place.

You can create a profile that serves up content tailored to you. This includes information for your cancer type and where you are in your cancer experience: just diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or living in remission.

Further customize your experience by learning more about topics that interest you. topic areas were created based on what patients and caregivers search for the most, including:

  • Insurance and financial assistance information.

  • Tips for effectively engaging with a healthcare team.

  • Information about living well (eating healthy, getting sleep, staying positive, and more)

  • Local support ranging from clinical trial information to travel services

"Every person's journey through cancer is different, which makes personalized information an essential part of the patient's care plan. We want to help individuals find the combination of educational and emotional support resources that will give them a sense of control."

Hildy Dillon, MPH Vice President, Education and Support Programs Cancer Support Community houses information from key patient advocacy groups that collaborated on the site: the American Cancer Society, CancerCare, and Cancer Support Community. It is also a gateway to the educational resources and tools featured on these groups' websites.

Additionally, features a wealth of articles and links to content from reliable sources that include government agencies, medical centers, and news and academic media.

"As a trusted resource for cancer information, the American Cancer Society is pleased to contribute its expertise and content to ensure people affected by cancer receive the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions about their health."

Chuck Westbrook Senior Vice President, Cancer Control Programs and Services American Cancer Society

Beyond trusted, personalized, and compelling content, features interactive tools that will help you in coping with symptoms, working with a care team, asking for support, participating in appropriate exercise, and getting better sleep.

Advocacy Connector helps you access the support you need through a comprehensive listing of resources based on your cancer type, location, and specific needs. Use this tool to search for local support ranging from clinical trial information, to travel services and wellness activities.

If you or someone you know is living with cancer, visit today to access useful information and tools to help you along your care journey.

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