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Making quick yogurt desserts

Berry yogurt smoothie

Sometimes it can be hard to turn down dessert when you go to a restaurant or a party. Unfortunately, the calories and fat from those little indulgences can really add up over time. One way to enjoy a sweet treat while still staying on course with your healthy eating plan is to substitute yogurt for those less healthy treats. Here are some ways to make quick yogurt desserts that’ll leave you satisfied and guilt-free:

Quick yogurt desserts: Nuts and honey

One of the fastest ways to get your dessert fix is to sprinkle your favorite nuts and a spoonful of fresh honey into low-fat, unsweetened plain yogurt. If you want to avoid the carbohydrates in the honey, substitute a sugar-free maple syrup instead. This can be a quick and satisfying treat after a meal or a fast midday snack. With this sweet treat you’ll be getting healthy doses of probiotics, calcium, and protein without unnecessary calories and fat.

Quick yogurt desserts: Modified yogurt sundae

This is another quick and healthy yogurt treat for those moments when you need something sweet. Peel half of a banana, cut it into slices and place it in a bowl. Spoon on plain, low-fat and slivered, roasted almonds. Add a touch of sugar-free chocolate syrup and sprinkle with cinnamon. Healthy never tasted so good.

Quick yogurt desserts: Yogurt pudding

For a quick, fat-free pudding, add a container of yogurt to a package of Jello fat-free pudding mix in the flavor of your choice. Blend the two ingredients together in your blender. Add the fruit of your choice and blend again until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Top with a little fat-free whipped cream or topping.

Quick yogurt desserts: Yogurt cream sandwiches

Choose a low-fat and, preferably, sugar free cookie from your grocery store. Graham crackers work well for this although you can use any type of cookie you’d like. While you’re there, pick up a container of low-fat, sugar free frozen yogurt in vanilla. Place a scoop of frozen yogurt between the two cookies and freeze. Once frozen, you’ll have a healthy substitute for an ice cream sandwich. These make great summertime treats for kids and friends with a sweet tooth.

Quick yogurt desserts: Yogurt smoothies

With the right ingredients, a yogurt smoothie can serve as a healthy meal substitute. Start with the fresh fruits of your choice. Freeze the fruits to give added texture and consistency to your smoothie. Add plain, low-fat yogurt and skim milk and place it into the barrel of your blender. To make a yogurt smoothie into a meal, add a scoop of whey protein powder. Add ice and blend until smooth.

Next time you’re at the grocery store, stock up on low-fat plain yogurt and keep it handy when you need something sweet in a hurry!

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