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Consider adopting a new cat

Woman caring fo cats

Cats are beautiful creatures. With a range of personalities from playful and interactive to subdued and independent, adopting a cat can be just the right answer for people looking for their new family pet.

Given the influx of abandoned kittens and cats along roadsides and at shelters, adopting a cat provides an added act of goodwill when deciding on a pet. Benefits of adopting from a rescue center or shelter include the following:

1. Staff get to know the personality of the cat and can provide insightful recommendations such as whether or not a particular cat would be good with kids, good with other pets, or appropriate for a particular home environment.

2. Kittens will typically be neutered before being allowed to be adopted after approximately 12 weeks of age.

3. Initial medical/vet checks, including the first set of vaccinations, will usually have been done, with the cost simply included in the relatively low adoption fee.

4. Recommendations of types or brands of food that the cat is comfortable eating will already be established.

5. Age and species of cat that best suits the adoptee’s interest can generally be accommodated given the range of cats brought in.

Welcoming a new cat, or any pet, is an exciting time. The next time your family is preparing to bring a new cat into the home, consider a cat adoption. Don’t be afraid of lengthy application procedures. This is only done in order to ensure a safe and best possible match between pet and owner.

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