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Easy Plants for Beginner Gardeners

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You don’t need a green thumb to grow beautiful flowers in your yard or on your patio this season. Build your confidence as a gardener by starting with these annuals that are easy to plant and will give you satisfying results in a short amount of time.

An annual is a plant that you must replant each season. That’s as opposed to a perennial, which will become dormant over the winter and come up again the next spring. Perennials are somewhat harder to care for than annuals, and they often require you to wait for the results of your labor.

You can start annuals from seeds, or you can buy small plants at a garden store. Purchasing the plants is the way to get excellent results immediately. Here are 10 easy annuals to start your gardening adventures.


Begonias are pretty plants that bloom in pink, orange, red, and yellow. They are excellent in containers on your porch and will thrive in partial shade.

Make sure you plant your begonias in soil that drains well and water them consistently. Ideally, you want the ground to be moist but not dense with water. Pinch off the flowers as they dry out so new ones can grow.


These traditional summer flowers are usually seen in a dramatic red but also come in pink. They bring clusters of small flowers that come together into a beautiful burst of color. Geraniums also have a particular scent that many people enjoy.

Grow geraniums in containers with good drainage. Pinch off the flowers as they begin to dry, and the plant will use its energy for more blooms and not become leggy. They like a lot of sunlight, so place them in a spot where they will get plenty of it.

Impatiens New Guinea

New Guinea impatiens will tolerate more sun than their sister plants, walleriana impatiens. They have striking leaves in dark green and flowers that are pink or white. Keep them moist, and they will generate.

New Guinea impatiens make excellent container plants but also look terrific when planted in large groups in a flower bed.

Impatiens Walleriana

Walleriana impatiens have lovely, delicate flowers in pink, red, white or salmon that grow in cascades. They are perfect for hanging baskets on a porch or in a shaded area.

Walleriana impatiens will thrive in partial shade but can become scorched in full sun. They will grow in mounds along a border that is shaded by larger plants.


Marigolds are hardy little flowers that are an excellent choice for beginners and even children. They are easy to plant in containers and look nice when displayed in groups.

Marigolds are usually yellow or orange with a frilly bloom. They like plenty of sun and soil that is kept moist. Planted in the ground, they will spread quickly.

Million Bells

These pretty plants with soft, papery blooms are perfect for containers. They will cascade over your baskets and flower continuously throughout the season. Their brightly colored blooms attract butterflies and hummingbirds.

Million bells like full sun and well-watered soil. They make a gorgeous groundcover when planted in a sunny yard.


Pansies come in many beautiful colors, including some multicolored varieties. They like cool weather, making them perfect for spring and fall displays. Often, they can even survive a frost. Because they will tolerate shade, you can plant them in containers under your covered porch. They are also pretty as an accent under more substantial plants.


Poppies are cheerful flowers have been popular since ancient civilizations, and they are often used to celebrate veterans and the military.

Poppies are usually red or pink, but you can also find them in white, yellow, and even purple. Plant them in a sunny location, but don’t give them too much water or they will get leggy.


These fantastic flowers grow in spikes that come in many different color combinations. In a garden, they can grow up to 36 inches tall and spread as far as 18 inches across, making them a gorgeous focal point. They also grow beautifully in containers placed in a sunny spot. Be careful not to overwater snapdragons, as their roots can rot.


Many people consider sunflowers a favorite because of their large blooms that shine like the sun. Traditional sunflowers are yellow, but some varieties include red and orange as well.

Sunflowers are easy to grow from seeds and can be started indoors in early spring for summer blooms. Grow sunflowers along a sunny section of fence or in the center of a flower garden. Giant varieties can grow up to 12 feet tall with 10-inch blooms, making them the perfect choice for gardeners who love a thrill.

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