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You Too Can Conquer the Clutter


Decluttering is something most people need to tackle now and then. Even the most organized people can find things piling up over the years. The good news is you can successfully conquer the clutter. This article outlines 4 steps you can take to deal with the clutter in your home.

1. Focus on one area at a time When you are eager to declutter, it’s easy to move from one area to another without actually finishing what you started. It’s easy to get distracted in your excitement to declutter. In order to successfully declutter you must focus on one area at a time and finish it before you move on to something else. If you want to declutter your purses, bring them all out and go through them. Decide which purses you will keep and which you will donate. Remember that you must have a place to put the purses you are keeping. Once you’re finished decluttering your purses you can move onto the next item of your choosing. Always finish one area before you move on to the next. Doing this will result in more successful decluttering.

2. Let go Part of decluttering is being able to let go. You can’t toss everything into boxes and move them to the garage and declare your home decluttered. It’s important to go through items and get rid of things that no longer serve a purpose for you. Clothes and shoes that don’t fit, toys your kids have outgrown, books and movies you no longer enjoy can all be given to charity for those less fortunate to enjoy. Some people are afraid to let go of things in case they need them one day in the future. Remember that if you ever need something, you can get another one.

3. Organize It’s important to create a space for everything in your home. When things are piled on the floor or counter tops spaces look more cluttered. When things are neatly placed where they belong, things look tidy. Don’t force things into spaces just so you can keep them. Anything that doesn’t have a home or you can’t create one for is something that can probably get rid of. Anything of real sentimental value should be treated with the appropriate respect. Either display it nicely or pack it away to pass down to a child one day. Avoid treating everything as though it has sentimental value simply so you can hold on to it.

4. Have a long-term plan It’s important that you make decluttering a routine in your household. Doing it once and very well is good, but things will pile up again very quickly. It’s important to get rid of things that come in on a regular basis such as newspapers, magazines, and food containers. If you don’t take them out at least once a week, they can create a lot of clutter. It’s also important to make time to declutter clothes, toys, and other things that make their way into your home over the weeks once or twice a year to keep them from piling up and taking over your life.

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