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A Note from the Editor

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we celebrate this special day, it is traditional to ponder everything we have to be thankful for. However, embracing gratitude throughout the year can have a lasting impact on our health and happiness.

Through my own life, I’ve learned a lot about the power of gratitude. It’s easy to say thank you for clean water, a good job, or tickets to the ballet, but I’ve also learned that just when you think the “worst” thing has happened, you can find something in the situation to be thankful for. I’ve had relationships that ended, and I’ve been turned down for jobs I wanted.

I’ve had life-changing cancer, and two years ago I was hit by a truck in a terrible car crash—which left me with a concussion and whiplash. I know first hand that while in the middle of difficult circumstances, it’s hard to find anything positive to be thankful for!

What I’ve learned through these experiences is that if you intentionally look for blessings, you will find them. The relationship that ended encouraged me to become a more self-reliant and independent woman.

The job I didn’t get led me to another place that offered so many more opportunities of growth in my career. Having cancer forced me to find my strength and showed me who I really am. The car crash opened the door for me to meet professionals who, in the big picture of my life, have helped me become a healthier person. All of these misfortunes turned out to be blessings.

This month I am especially grateful for Micki Cabiniss Eutsler, publisher of Grateful Steps Foundation. I’ve been working with Micki for several years now on my second children’s book, Mermaid Magic—An Enchanting Story of Secrets and Adventure. I’m excited to the point of giddiness to announce that it is at press and will be available soon!

Embracing gratitude throughout your life can change your perspective on living. Expressing gratitude for others helps them feel appreciated, which then helps them express gratitude—and the circle of gratefulness continues.

Gratitude is truly the foundation of happiness. You can read more ways to express your gratitude for others in Practice Gratitude on page ____.

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