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A Peaceful Perspective

woman at peace sitting on a hilltop enjoying the view

Having a sense of perspective is an important survival technique when faced with adversity and uncertainty, because how we look at situations can dramatically change how we feel about them. When we are able to keep a reasonable perspective, we often see that a particular situation isn’t as awful as we initially think.

To obtain this new outlook, one must consider all sides—the whole picture—to gain an accurate and fair understanding. Gaining perspective is key to accepting change and challenges.

As we go through life, change is inevitable. Since we may not initially like the change, it can be helpful to take steps to find balance—a kind of acceptance that encourages peace, health, and happiness.

Finding contentment with a situation through gaining perspective can be a time to grow and explore feelings. If you are feeling lost and unsure of where to turn, follow these tips to achieve a fresh frame of mind.

Spend time alone. It’s not lonely or selfish to spend a day home-alone or to take a quiet walk in the woods, or to sit at a waterfall, or go to a spa, or to spend the whole day painting trees with Bob Ross videos. Give your mind time to process and listen to your inner voice without outside interruption. Give yourself what you need.

Write your thoughts. Journaling can give you clear insight on your feelings. Don’t think about what to write, just sit down and let your fingers go to work. You may be surprised at what you write!

Skip the junk food. Heavy, greasy foods can cause our bodies to feel heavy and greasy which creates a block to peace and balance.

Go for a walk—outside. Clarity often comes from motion. It can be helpful to think about a problem or situation before you begin walking, then let it go as you stroll along. You may be surprised at the answer when you quit overthinking and give your mind freedom to breathe.

Nature is a great healer. There is simply no better place to be than outside where you can breathe, touch a tree, and listen to the songbirds.

Change your environment. Distance yourself from the situation and broaden your experiences by doing something you’ve never done before. Go to a new town, try a different hiking trail, or learn something new.

These experiences can give insights you otherwise would not have found because when we are stuck in a rut, it’s hard to see our way out. When we get out of that rut, even for a short time, we can observe the matter from a different viewpoint.

Surround yourself with positive people—those who support and encourage you to follow your dreams and goals. And, while you’re at it, avoid negative self-talk. Your mind believes everything you tell it, so tell it how awesome you are. Remember to follow your own path. It doesn’t matter what anyone else has done. They are not you.

Be grateful. Gratitude and appreciation help us realize what we have and how fortunate we are. Rather than focusing on the negative, cherish your gifts.

When you gain perspective, you can change the message of the circumstance. You can see more clearly and then take actions that lead to acceptance. Be brave.

Facing our fears and finding solutions is the most rewarding thing we can do. Whenever you feel like the worst thing has happened, take a step back; finding perspective is the way to finding peace.


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