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Avoid These Common Mistakes When Setting up Your Fitness Plan

older female person shows flexibility stretching fitness plan mistakes

It’s that time of the year . . . time to take a look at our health and fitness routines, and make a plan to get back in shape. Before you take off running down the street, read these no-no’s to make sure you don’t come home with injuries on your first day of getting fit.

Not taking time to warm up

It is essential to warm up our muscles before beginning any exercise routine. By taking three to five minutes to warm your muscles, you will have less of a chance of injury. Give your body gentle movement and stretching at the start of your exercise session.


When working out, remember to press your shoulder blades down, opposed to bringing them toward your ears. The bad habit of scrunching shoulders can cause tight muscles and lead to chronic pain.

Poor Posture

It’s easy to succumb to bad posture when lifting weights. However, this can cause harm to your body when you consistently develop bad habits. Press your shoulder blades down, elongate your neck, keep your chest lifted, your back straight, and abs tight when lifting heavy weights.

Stretching Too Far

There is a fine line between appropriate stretching and over-stretching. A good stretch may feel uncomfortable, but a bad stretch will feel painful. To avoid injury when stretching, reach as far as you can and then hold that stretch before reaching any further. Deep breathing can help to relax your muscles and allow a deeper stretch.

Not Staying Hydrated

Not drinking enough water can cause muscle cramps, dizziness, nausea, and it can even cause you to faint. To avoid dehydration, drink a glass of water before beginning your exercise routine and another glass of water when you are finished.

Remember, your exercise routine is a personal journey—it is not a contest. Don’t compare how far you can stretch, how far you can run, or how many pounds you can lift to anyone else.

We all have our own limits and goals to fitness.


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