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Baked Pie Company: Eat Pie and Smile

By Kirsten Fuchs

woman holding pie

Aren’t they funny, our memories? How can I remember moments from elementary school, song lyrics I haven’t sung in 40 years, and names of my childhood friends; yet, I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday?

One of those memories is of me and my best friend sitting on a bench outside our high school in South Florida, talking about what we aspired to do when we were older. I specifically said that I

wanted to own a small general store in North Carolina.

I left Florida twenty-two years ago and headed north. My husband and I brought our kids to South Asheville and found our new home in Fletcher. I worked for several companies in those first twenty years, yet something was always missing.

I became tired of working for others and knew I wanted to build my own business and create something that my family would be proud of.

One day in 2016, my daughter and I were driving around in Arden looking for a place to get a slice of pie and cup of coffee. It wasn’t exactly a lightbulb that flashed above my head, but more like a fire in the pit of my stomach.

inside of the pie company

Could I possibly open a pie shop? Would other people want pie and coffee too? I’m almost 50, what are you thinking? I have never worked in a restaurant, but I remembered sitting with my friend in high school and thought, “You know what? This is it! This is going to be that general store.”

A year and a half later, I opened Baked Pie Company.

Our pies and our shops will bring back memories to you, as well. All homemade, all freshly baked and all delicious, our pies will remind you of times when the world was a little quieter, a little nicer and a whole lot sweeter. Come see for yourself. I look forward to meeting you.


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