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Decorating trends for summer

As the weather changes outdoors, many people are ready for changes inside their homes as well. A fresh look invites energy and an upbeat outlook. Update your interior design with these warm-weather trends.

interior bathroom black and white tile open to outdoors


Today’s decorators are focused on environmental impact as well as aesthetics. Choose sustainable materials over man made plastics. Repurpose and restore old pieces instead of throwing them out and replacing them with something new. You will be saving the planet while you modernize your style.

British Countryside

This trend developed from country kitchen décor, a formerly popular decorating style that has become old news. To follow this trend, think about the British countryside as you might see in adaptations of old English novels. Use plenty of patterns in muted colors, and accent your room with live plants. Antiques are perfect for this trend, especially if they were made in Great Britain.

Smart Furniture

Today’s furniture manufacturers are keeping modern technology in mind by adding charging functionality to all kinds of pieces, from living room sofas to bedframes to end tables. This lets you avoid the clutter of keeping charging stations everywhere and gives guests a place to plug in.

Window Seating

Build a cozy window seat into your wall for a wonderfully inviting addition to your interior décor. Even if you don’t have a window space, you can still follow the spirit of this trend by installing built-in seating in the kitchen, under a staircase, or on any wall that could use some character.

Soft Pinks and Peaches

Soft shades are always popular in warmer weather, and this season’s color favorites are beautiful pink and peach. Use these hues on walls, furniture, or accents like pillows and rugs.

Statement Ceilings

Dramatic ceilings are taking the place of boring, white ceilings of the past. Use brightly colored paint, eye-catching tiles, or texture to make your ceilings pop. Adding wooden planks or other fixtures to ceilings is also perfect for creating three-dimensional interest.

redecorated room interior with bold bright color archway white floor


Turning a plain entry area into an archway instantly transforms a room. An archway can be created anywhere one room flows into another. An arch is especially attractive between a dining room and kitchen or between a living room and dining area. Arched bookshelves and other tall furniture are part of this trend as well.

Overstuffed Furniture

Replace sleeker furniture in your living area with comfortable, overstuffed pieces that you can sit back and relax in while you watch television or use technology. This summer, your home should be your sanctuary, so be sure you are furnishing a space you can really enjoy. If you don’t want to invest in new furniture, try adding soft throws and pillows.

Olive Green

The blue hues of last season have been replaced by natural-looking greens. Olive green is a beautiful color that blends in well with wood tones and natural materials. It works well on an accent wall, in a rug, or even on upholstered pieces.

Black Kitchens

Black is an amazing choice for modernizing a kitchen. It looks great with stainless steel and brings a sense of luxury. Try black on cabinets, floors, and appliances in the kitchen. Black and white kitchens are a more welcoming option.


Live plants can really brighten up a space, and incorporating living elements into your decoration can have mental health benefits as well. While most indoor plants are excellent choices, today’s biggest trend is succulents. These little cacti can be as tiny as a thumbnail or can be as tall as a person. They come in all kinds of colors, both natural and dyed. If cared for correctly, most succulents will even flower.

Thin Wood Paneling

Old-fashioned wood paneling is still out of style, but modern wood paneling is gaining ground. Today’s paneling is usually thinner than the older styles and is sometimes seen laid out in patterns or even diagonally. Wood can be natural or painted to match the rest of the décor in the room.

Mixed Textures

Texture is an important consideration when choosing design pieces. Textured fabrics like velvets or tweeds make details come to life and bring another level to enjoying the décor of a room. Texture is not just for pillows, either. Try it on walls and window treatments, too.


People who like to lounge in a tub are in luck this season. Bathtubs are on trend and are being seen replacing showers, especially in ensuite bathrooms. Old-fashioned, freestanding bathtubs are a beautiful decorative element in a traditionally decorated room. More modern décor may call for a deep soaking tub.


Cement looks fantastic in an industrial setting, but it can be warm and homey as well. Cement floors and countertops can be shined to perfection, painted any color, or embedded with stones. Cement is also durable and easy to keep clean.

Natural Stone

Natural materials are very popular right now, and stone is the perfect choice for durability and a great look. Stones like marble and quartz make wonderful countertops, and walls can be enhanced with natural-looking stones laid out in patterns or tiles. Use river stones as accents in bowls and vases

Light Tones

Light colors are key for warm seasons. Lighter colors open up a small room and create a sense of space, while darker colors can make a room feel more contained. The moody vibe of dark colors has been replaced with the happiness that comes from light. Repaint a dark wall or choose bedding in a pale shade..


Celebrate curves this season with rounded corners on furniture and oval-shaped frames and mirrors. Circular geometric patterns on fabric are also on-trend. Goose-necked sink fixtures and domed light covers round out this trend.

Gold and Black Fixtures

Gold and black are a powerful combination when it comes to classic fixtures. This includes fixtures in kitchen sinks, showers, and ceiling lighting. Gold is usually the main color, with black details bringing a sophisticated style. This style goes well in rooms decorated with a nod to minimalism.

Bright Tiles

Tiles are more than just a way of waterproofing a space. They can also be an artistic statement. One current trend in tiles is to go bold and bright, making sure that your tiles draw attention. You can put eye-catching tiles in traditional places like above the kitchen counter or in a shower stall. You can also use tiles on a wall or a ceiling.

couple relaxing on window seat smiling at the camera

Summer is a great time to redecorate a room or two in your home. Sort through the trends to see which speak to you and work with the décor you already have. These trends will provide inspiration and put you on the path to your interior design dreams.


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