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Fall Yard Clean-Up

It may seem like a daunting task, but with a little bit of planning and some essential tasks, you can have your yard looking great in no time.

big pile of leaves and a guy with a rake gathering them up

As the days get shorter and the temperatures begin to drop, it’s time to start thinking about fall yard cleanup. The changing of seasons can be an exciting time full of warm sweaters, pumpkin spice, and cozy bonfires, but it also means an abundance of leaves, debris, and dying plants that need to be tended to.

Not to worry, however, as with a little bit of elbow grease and some essential tasks for fall yard cleanup, you’ll have your yard looking pristine in no time.

Rake It Up

One of the most essential tasks for fall yard cleanup is raking. While it may seem like a tedious chore, raking your yard can help to keep it healthy and looking its best.

Leaves left to decompose on your lawn can suffocate the grass underneath and create a breeding ground for pests and disease. A good rule of thumb is to rake your yard as soon as the majority of leaves have fallen.

Make sure to gather up all the debris, including any twigs or sticks, and either compost or dispose of it.

Trim the Hedges

Fall is the perfect time to give your hedges and bushes a little TLC. Grab your clippers and trim off any dead or diseased branches, making sure to cut them back to the trunk or a healthy branch.

This will not only keep your landscaping looking neat and tidy, but it will also ensure that your plants will continue to grow and thrive.

Tend to Your Lawn

Fall is a great time to give your lawn some much-needed attention. Start by aerating your lawn, which allows air, water, and nutrients to reach the roots. This can be done with a rented machine or a simple garden fork.

After aerating, fertilize your lawn with a slow-release fertilizer that will provide nutrients throughout the winter months. Finally, water your lawn deeply to help it prepare for the colder weather ahead.

Clean Up Your Garden Beds

As your garden begins to wind down, don’t forget to give your beds a little cleanup. Remove any dead or dying annuals, and trim back any perennials that need it.

Cut back any spent growth on your plants, and make sure to remove any debris or dead leaves that have accumulated around the base of your plants. This will help to prevent disease and pest problems from overwintering in your garden bed.

Prepare Your Tools for Winter

Before you put your garden tools away for the winter, give them a little TLC. Clean them off with a wire brush or steel wool, and then dry them thoroughly.

Apply a light coat of oil or WD-40 to prevent rust and store them in a dry place. This will make sure that your tools are in good condition and ready to use when spring rolls around.

Cover Your Pools and Fountains

If you have an outdoor pool or fountain, it’s important to cover it up for the winter. This will help to prevent any damage caused by freezing temperatures or harsh weather conditions.

Make sure to drain any water from your pool or fountain and cover it with a high-quality cover to keep out debris and animals.

Clean Gutters

Cleaning your gutters may not be the most glamorous task, but it’s an essential part of fall yard cleanup. Clogged gutters can cause water damage to your home’s foundation, so it’s important to clear out any debris before the winter months.

Grab a ladder and a pair of gloves, and get to work scooping out any leaves, twigs, or other debris.

Prune Your Trees

Fall is a great time to prune your trees, as they are entering their dormant period. This will help to keep your trees healthy and looking great throughout the year.

Prune any dead or diseased branches, and trim back any branches that are hanging too close to your house or other structures. Make sure to use clean, sharp tools that won’t damage your trees.

Store Summer Equipment

Finally, don’t forget to store any summer equipment that you won’t be using during the fall and winter months.

This could include your lawnmower, leaf blower, or any other outdoor power tools. Make sure to clean them thoroughly before storing them and be sure to drain any gasoline or other fluids.

By taking care of your lawn, garden, and outdoor equipment, you’ll be able to enjoy your outdoor space even as the temperature drops. So grab your rake, clippers, and pruning shears and get to work – your yard will thank you!


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