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Do You Know About The Rules to Regifting?

Lots of colorful wrapped boxes ready for re-gifting

Want to get rid of an undesirable present? Regift. This timeless tradition is a simple way to diminish clutter and make another person happy. Your job is to know the rules when giving a used item to another person.

Select unopened items.

Choose unopened bottles of wine or stored, never lit candles. Stay away from handmade or one-of-a-kind items. They are too easy to spot as regifts.

Check for exterior scratches.

Give away second-hand gifts with no exterior marks or discoloration. These two characteristics diminish its value. So, an expensive but marked basket of bubble bath would come across as cheap.

Never regift to the giver.

Use your common sense. Never pass a gift back to the giver. In general, they won’t say anything in the moment, but you may hear about your misdeed in the future. How embarrassing! So, only regift items if you know who gave them to you.

Match the gift to the person.

Think before you give. Don’t make saving a buck more important than presenting a classy, desirable gift to someone. Regift the perfect match. For example, a book about dog care is excellent for a friend with three new pups.

Rewrap your gift.

Present the gift as new. Spend a few dollars on a gift bag or box. Also, add on a greeting card or tag specific to the occasion. In other words, regift as though you just bought the item from a store that day.

Never give and tell.

Unless the receiver knows you were given the gift, never tell. Offer up the regift as new. Some people struggle with accepting anything second hand even if it’s awesome. So, keep your mouth shut and let your regift be a secret.

Above are some of the rules to regifting. Use them and offer secondhand gifts to others in style. Also, keep your home clutter-free and wallet heavier.


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