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How to Boost Vitality through Food

Food isn’t like medicine, food is medicine. It’s our number one tool in creating the vibrant health we deserve. The great news is we have

control over what we eat.

by Laurie Richardone

However, there’s so much changing and conflicting information flying around that it can feel impossible to know where to look for sound advice, or know what to eat. As a health coach having studied more than one hundred dietary ways of eating, I have concluded there is no one size fits all.

This is called bio-individuality. What supports my body can be unfavorable to someone else. The reverse is also true. Trust your own inner guidance. Our bodies are divinely intelligent, and if you give it some attention, it will tell you what it needs.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging following a routine in our eating. Sometimes our bodies rebel and feel more depleted than usual.

I would suggest planning out your food throughout the day. This supports us to not reach for an unhealthy snack if we are on the go, and our blood sugar is plummeting.

It ensures that your body is getting the nutrients it needs for that extra support you might need on any given day. I always have some organic nuts and seeds, or keto protein bars with me and a bottle of spring water.

The most important ingredient is eating whole foods that are free of pesticides and chemicals. If you enjoy eating meat, and you feel that it supports your body, wonderful. I would suggest eating grass fed, free range, antibiotic free animal protein whenever possible.

I wholeheartedly believe, from my own journey to optimal health, that food has the power to not only change our health, the health of our communities, but also the health of the planet.

Please know that a nourishing tasty recipe doesn’t have to mean hours in the kitchen, unless that’s your happy place, like me.

Using a few simple, functional ingredients can give you a rewarding end result.

I like to keep a few beneficial spices in the pantry.

• Studies show that warm spices like cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and turmeric are linked to metabolic, cardiovascular, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

• Years of research tells us that eating two or three medjool dates a day can stimulate the immune system, reduce inflammation, and improve hormone regulation as they are an excellent source of phytonutrients.

• Try adding some high quality collagen powder to a morning smoothie, and get some extra protein in your day while supporting your gut, skin, and joint health all at once.

The path to optimal health and vitality starts with one meal at a time. Be patient with yourself.

Happy Eating ~

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