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How to Restore a Healthy Connection to Food

by Laurie Richardone

There are few things as pleasurable as a fantastic meal prepared with skill and love. So how do we rewire old habits and beliefs around one of the most enjoyable experiences we have?

A bit of inspiration.

Food is what brings people together as a way to stay connected. I remember cooking with my grandmother when I was a young girl, where she shared the kitchen secrets that were passed on to her, along with stories about her childhood and culinary memories. It was an opportunity to learn about the ancestry, and food culture I grew up in.

Cooking together connected us in a way like no other activity shared. It brought joy and appreciation into our kitchen and our Italian family. Anyone who has cooked alongside a family member or arrived home to some intoxicating smells seeping out of the kitchen knows what I mean.

It awakens all of our senses and goes right to the heart of the matter.

Inauspiciously, many of us have had and still have an unhealthy relationship to food.

Personally, I can speak to this. After healing my own relationship with food, what I can now say is give yourself unconditional permission to eat. Keep the judgment for what you ate yesterday off in the distance. One sign of a healthy relationship with food is giving yourself the freedom to have what you desire, at least once in a while, with absolute pleasure …

Some practices I have found helpful for a successful

• Implement mindful eating. Eat when you’re hungry, and

stop when you are full.

• Allow yourself to enjoy a healthful treat. … Use

sweeteners like pure maple syrup, or monk fruit.

• Let go of the need for perfection. Our bodies carry us

through this life, be kind to them.

• Welcome all foods in your diet … The healthy ones.

Think of a rainbow and eat a variety of fruits and

vegetables. There are many many delicious foods to eat

that support our wellbeing and bring in joy.

This newfound relationship to food can evoke a relaxed approach to eating. It also practices balance and flexibility in our life. These simple principles will allow you to feel more at peace with food: another benefit is cooking will become fun and freeing, especially when we are connected to the sheer enjoyment of cooking and eating.

It is one of life’s delicious pleasures.

To your Good Health

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Laurie Richardone is a seasonal gluten free chef and certified health coach.

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