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Whoo ... Are You?

photo of russell gale and a clock on the wall

My name is Russell Gale and I grew up in Franklin, NC.

I graduated from high school early and took a year off before college to go to Costa Rica on a Rotary Exchange. Upon my return, I got my Construction Management degree at Appalachian State. That’s also where I met my wife Jeni.

We then spent two years living in Northern California before moving back to North Carolina. I love to work with wood and make custom furniture. I first came to the Gallery in Grovewood Village as an artist in 2010. I became the Furniture Director in 2014 and then became General Manager in 2017. We also welcomed our son Fuller into the world that same year.

How do you relax?

By gardening. I love to grow dahlias, peonies, and roses.

What is your favorite food?

I love pasta. Actually anything related to pasta.

What do you put on your pizza?

Bacon, artichokes, and onion.

What was your first car?

A blue 1984 Jeep CJ7

Do you have pets?

We have two cats and four chickens. We also have fish in our pond.

What kind of music do you listen to?

I love a wide variety of music but my favorite is alt-country and Americana. I especially like Jason Isbell who was with the Drive-By Truckers. I also love Townes Van Zandt and many of his fellow Texas singer-songwriters.

Do you like to dance?

My wife is a great dancer and I love to dance with her. We love to waltz and to dance to any songs with a good eight-count.

Do you have any special plans for autumn?

My family and I love this season and the upcoming holidays. We’ll go

camping and also start decorating. Having a child makes everything so much more fun. I now decorate more for Halloween than I did before Fuller came along; I’ll start decorating for Christmas right after Thanksgiving. Last year I strung over a mile of lights on our house.

Are you going to dress up for Halloween?

Our son is currently obsessed with mops and brooms. He loves to clean,

so I think we might dress up as janitors.

What do you love about your career at Grovewood Village?

I love the history and I want more people to know about this special place in Asheville. We have beautiful art and craft, a lovely sculpture garden and grounds, an amazing car museum, and a great staff. Many people don’t know that at one point in the 1930s Biltmore Industries was the largest producer of hand-woven wool in the world. The workers were able to weave over 900 yards each day using 40 looms. Grovewood Village is a beautiful and interesting place to work and visit!

Russell Gale

Grovewood Village

111 Grovewood Road

Asheville North Carolina



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