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It’s the Next BIG Thing!

By Gina Trippi

man and woman gazing lovingly into a glass of red wine

Real Estate analysts tell us that big city dwellers areescaping the congestion and stress and heading for smaller towns. Asheville is one of the top destinations!

We want new residents to know that @MetroWines you will find all the national brands that you know including Camus, Turley, Rombauer, Chateau Montelena, Silver Oak, Stag’s Leap and Frog’s Leap! But you will also find wines from North Carolina importers that you may not have seen back home.

Welcome! Jay Murrie, owner of Piedmont Imports based in Durham, brings us Plantamura Primitivo. From Puglia, Italy, this wine is a lovely ruby red. You will find intense aromas and a palate of black cherry and blackberry. Certified organic, Plantamura can be cellared up to seven years.

Never had primitivo? While the origin of this grape is still subject to debate, most wine scholars agree that the modern home of primitivo is southern Italy, specifically Puglia. Probably arriving from Croatia in the early 19th century, the varietal was brought to the United States under the name of Zinfandel.

Or what about aglianico from Compania? A few months back, Eric Asimov, wine critic for New York Times, sang the praises of the grape saying: “Among its many charms, aglianico is versatile, able to make wines that are delicious when young as well as those that can benefit from years, even decades, in the cellar.”

But Asimov also said that aglianico might be difficult to find. Not here! We have had Fontanavecchia Aglianico from Haw River Wine Man in Burlington, North Carolina, since we opened the doors. Ruby red in the glass with one year oak aging, this wine offers aromas of dark berry, blue flower and a whiff of char. The easy palate presents Marasca cherry, crushed raspberry and Mediterranean herbs.

And it’s not just Italian wines, we can access some limited distribution French wines too. JP Bourgeois, based in Asheville, brings in wines you should try!

Forbes Magazine just chose Gonc Dry Muscat 2019 from JP Bourgeois as one of the eight wines to pair with “comfort food.” JP Bourgeois says muscat’s fresh floral qualities can take you away and dry muscat’s spicy citrus and orchard fruits make this wine a perfect pairing for intense cheeses.

Prefer red? Try Chateaumar Châteauneuf du Pape, also from JP Bourgeois. The Castel Mar dates back to the 11th century. Farming is organic. Soil is turned several times during the year and grapes are hand-harvested, selected, and sorted. Voila!

A limited production blend of 70% Grenache and 30% Mourvèdre, the wine spends eight months aging in French oak then concrete tank. This more traditionally-styled Châteauneuf-du-Pape features fruit and spice aromas with hints of smoke, anise, and earth. The palate is rich with dark berry, roasted plum, hints of wild herbs, and dark chocolate. The finish presents herbs, plum, and anise, incorporating old leather, dried violets, and dry-cured olives.

Find comfort in names you know and adventure

in a world of new wines!


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