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Reasons Why Air Fryers Are So Popular

It’s easy to see why air fryers have become the preferred cooking method for so many people. They’re economical, cook fast, and can be a healthier way of frying food.

air fryer sittin on a stove top

Here are more details on these reasons and others for why you should consider getting an air fryer.

They’re a healthier way of cooking

Air fryers work by convection heat circulating hot air around foods. This means they require little or no oil, so the fat content of meals will be significantly less. Calorie intake can be reduced by up to 80%. As such, it’s a much healthier way to cook meals than in a frying pan. Air fryers are also better at keeping nutrients within the food while cooking. These nutrients, beneficial for overall health and well-being, are often lost during other cooking methods.

An air fryer cooks a wide variety of foods

Air fryers cook a wide range of foods, including french fries, pastries, fish, chicken, pies, pizza, other meats, cakes, and vegetables. Although using little or no oil, they cook food such as chicken, which will be crisp on the outside while tender on the inside. You can often put more than one food item in the cooking basket, so food items cook together. With their huge popularity, you can now find cookbooks specifically for air fryer cooking and hundreds of recipes online.

They don’t make a big mess

Air fryers are self-contained, which means any splashes are kept within the appliance and don’t mess up your stovetop. Cleaning the inner cooking tray, the grated rack on which the food sits, and the container can require a good scrub with a brush or cleaning pad. However, by washing it every time after it’s used, it is easy to keep air fryers clean.

They cook food faster

Air fryers cook most foods faster than conventional ovens or shallow or deep-fat frying. An air fryer generally works the same way an oven does. However, mainly because it’s a smaller space, the air travels around quicker, cooking the food faster. Many foods can be cooked within minutes. This means it uses less electricity, which, over time, can save a significant amount on energy bills.

They’re a relatively small appliance

Most air fryers are relatively small, so they can easily sit on a kitchen top without taking up too much space. It also means they’re easy to transport to any other spot in a kitchen or a new home. As no accessories are needed for an air fryer, you can use them anywhere as long as there is a power socket. Note: If you buy a larger model air fryer, it will take up significant space on the counter or in a cabinet.

Air fryers are a convenient way of making delicious food for a relatively low price. For this and other reasons mentioned, they look set to be an essential appliance in kitchens for many years to come.


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