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Simply Charming

smiling black woman exuding confidence and talent

There are a few people who innately have a sort of presence . . . or charm. You can feel it immediately, and it’s not about how they look or how they are dressed, or how much money they have.

This feeling is illusive, yet real. The charming characteristics vary from person to person, but they do have a few universal traits.

They make us laugh. A sense of humor is the primary characteristic of a charmer. Laughter helps us bond with each other. And it’s fun. When we laugh, we feel a connection that is contagious, and we want to do it again.

They bring energy and excitement to a large party or one-on-one conversation. They are often insightful and feel passionate about certain topics.

They are graceful. They can handle awkward situations with ease. They also exude confidence, which people respect and admire.

They listen. When you talk to a charmer, you know he or she hears you. They ask questions and offer insight. They genuinely care and have the unique ability to make others feel comfortable and appreciated.

They seek adventure. It may be a trip to another country or just a new type of salad dressing, but charming people like new experiences. They are curious and want to explore and see the world from different perspectives.

Charm is an unmistakable characteristic. If you want to become more charming, try the tips above and watch your charming personality bloom.


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