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The Delightful Daffodil

blooming daffodils in a field

This is the time of year when we watch our world explode in a kaleidoscope of yellow, purple, green, and pink color. One of the first flowers to bloom each spring is the beautiful daffodil.

This perennial has a trumpet-shaped structure in the middle of star-shaped petals. The trumpet may be the same, or a contrasting color from the petals. Originally discovered in Spain, the daffodil is considered to be a “must-have” in the American garden. These beauties grow from bulbs in large clusters and can cover a hillside in sunshine yellow.

After blooming, the foliage should be left alone until it turns brown. If you want to transplant the bulbs, they can be dug up, washed off, and hung to dry in pantyhose. Keep them in a cool place until you are ready to plant them next fall. Daffodil bulbs require rich, well-drained soil, and lots of water.

Plant a few and watch in wonder as they multiply and fill your garden with colorful blossoms each spring.


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