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Unique Ways to Decorate a Christmas Tree

Christmas tree decorated to the max for the season

It’s the most wonderful season of all, and what would Christmas be without a tree with the star on top?

A Christmas tree is a symbol of the season, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make your Christmas tree a bit different from the traditional Christmas tree. There’s something “safe” about decorating with traditional Christmas ornaments.

If you’re tired of the same old, same old Christmas decorations, green and red balls hanging predictably on the branches of your tree, shake things up this Christmas and try something different. Your guests will be delighted that your tree is a bit different from the typical tree at Christmas.

Hang Figurines on the Christmas Tree

Give your Christmas tree personality and let it tell a story by hanging miniature figurines on the tree. Suitable characters include Santa, his elves, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, snowmen, sleds, and more. Intersperse bright red ribbons among the figurines for an eye-catching approach to Christmas tree décor.

You can also get creative by hanging figurines of your favorite animals - dogs with angel wings or flying pigs. Keep your figurines fun and whimsical. Be sure to choose relatively light ornaments so they don’t break under their own weight when hanging from the tree.

Decorate an All-Natural Christmas Tree

Why not give your Christmas tree a nature theme? Forget the ornaments. Instead, string garlands of dried oranges, apples, and pine cones on your tree. One of the easiest ways to add natural elements to your tree is to buy clear ball ornaments that you open and add whatever you want inside, and it will show through the clear plastic. Close it up and hang it on the tree, so everyone can admire your unique ornament. Try adding pine tree clippings, pine cones, or ribbons in Christmas colors, and watch your Christmas tree take on a life of its own.

Single Item Christmas Tree

Decorate your Christmas tree with a single theme. How about stars? Hang a variety of star-shaped ornaments all over your tree. For added elegance, stick to a color theme. For example, white stars, gold stars, and burgundy stars will give your Christmas tree a glow of elegance. Don’t forget to place the grandest star on top! Stars symbolize all that Christmas is about - hope for all humanity. Celebrate it with a star-themed tree.

Christmas Tree with a Family Theme

Why not use this year’s Christmas tree to display family memories? Attach your favorite family photos to the Christmas tree and relive past memories. You can buy small frames that hold a photo with a string or ribbon attached for hanging. But if you’re hanging a lot of photos, it can get expensive. Another option is to print out photos on a high-quality printer and attach them to large paper tags that you hang from the tree. Also dangle items from the tree that bring back memories of good times in the past, for example, seashells from a memorable beach trip. Christmas is a time to come together as a family and relive old memories.

Decorate a Magically Delicious Christmas Tree

You can buy Christmas ornaments in the shape of candy canes or candy, but why not use the real thing? If you use real candy, you can enjoy eating the ornaments once Christmas is over. Candy canes are the obvious choice, but make your tree more unique by decorating it with a multitude of lollipops and suckers in bright colors. You can even make your own lollipops if you have a lollipop mold. How about baking gingerbread men and women and hanging them on the tree? Don’t forget to add garlands of popcorn!

The Bottom Line

Break out of a rut this Christmas and try something new. You can always use the green and red ornaments next year. Make this the year you get more creative. Merry Christmas!


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