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What Are Your Assets?

by Laurie Richardone

conceptual view of what one's assets may be

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of assets? What might come to mind first, is money, property, or a 401k, and so on.

Let’s expand our understanding of what assets are.

An asset is something that you have that is positive! An asset is something that you have that is positive!

Now that we have given a broader definition to assets, why is it imperative to identify them? Knowing our personal assets can show us our values and how unique we truly are, because we don’t always remember those qualities, those intangible assets. The ones we can’t touch, feel, and put our hands on.

So, I started to compose a list of my assets. What I discovered was that I was not using many of them to their fullest.

To give you a few examples of intangible assets, I have listed some of mine:

• Nutrition

• An Open Mind

• Curiosity

• Choice

We might not think of choice as an asset, because we perhaps live in a culture that takes that for granted. Not all cultures have this freedom. Let’s unfold that for a moment. To keep the analogy simple, in any situation, we choose love or fear.

Are we responding in a free way? Are we acting mindfully? Are we tied to outdated beliefs? Oftentimes it is someone else’s beliefs that we haven’t questioned. Is there fear around a choice we might think is our own?

I would like to connect a quote that is related to choice, “Between stimulus and response lies a space. In that space lies our freedom and power to choose a response. In our response lies our growth and our happiness” - Viktor Frankl

I invite you to make a list of your assets. What are some of the qualities you possess that can increase the quality of your life that make you unique? Circle the ones that are actively happening in your life, and highlight the assets you have that perhaps you are not leveraging .

We all have many gifts and talents that we oftentimes don’t recognize in ourselves. So make that list, and celebrate your uniqueness, because your assets do make a difference in the world.

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 Laurie Richardone

Laurie Richardone is an inspirational seasonal chef and certified health coach.

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