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Mountain View

We Are Windsor Built Homes

Our builder’s story began in 1987 with a vision by four gentlemen in the employ of a large tract builder. Their mission was to become a small local builder who would provide a product with the emphasis on quality and value rather than quantity. With that vision, Windsor Properties was established. In 1988, Windsor Properties merged with The Aughtry Company in order to diversify their services with the addition of commercial development, brokerage and management. After 27 years of successful operations, the principal owners decided that the best plan for the next generation of ownership was to re-organize the company into separate residential and commercial operations. Thus, Windsor Built Homes was created to focus on building homes and neighborhoods for prosperous living. When visiting our sales models, you’ll find our sales agents to be warm and friendly with the objective to help you feel at ease in the home buying process. We offer a wide variety of floor plans with extensive options to tailor your home to meet your needs. Although we do offer many options, you’ll find that what other builders consider “extras,” we include as standard features. Lastly, our customer service is second to none. Our mission statement reflects our philosophy: “The customer comes first.” We know that our reputation hinges on the satisfaction of those who buy our homes, and we work very hard to ensure the complete satisfaction of each of our homeowners whenever possible. As we move forward, we look forward to building upon the experience and traditions of our past. We were here yesterday, we’re here today, and, most importantly, we’ll be here tomorrow when it counts the most.

Our Communities

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