Fall Leaves

Goombay Festival Friday, September 7 & 8

This free festival in downtown Asheville is a celebration of African-Caribbean culture with music, craft and food vendors, dance performances and competitions, a special area with activities for kids and much more! Friday evening and Saturday. Held at Pack Square Park, Goombay brings a variety of entertainment including dancing and the beating of West African drums ringing with the harmonic live music featuring gospel, reggae, funk and soul. #Fall #Festival #asheville #Caribbean

Celebrate Labor Day Weekend at the NC Apple Festival in Hendersonville

Friday, August 31 to Monday, September 3 Downtown Hendersonville features more than 150 vendors lining eight blocks of the main event area. There is continuous entertainment from 10 AM-10 PM each day. The King Apple Parade, always held on Labor Day, culminates the Main Street activities. #apple #Hendersinville #LaborDay

Happy 25th Anniversary to the North Carolina Mountain State Fair

Friday, September 7 to Sunday, September 16 The official “state fair” of the western part of NC. Enjoy lots of rides, exhibits, animals, food and much more. Fun for all ages. Impressive exhibits in various buildings. Discounted ticket prices for Seniors. See the many competitions from quilting, photography, extreme garden vegetables, flowers, crafts and more. Watch craftspeople at work. More than 180,000 people will attend the 10-day event that celebrates our people, agriculture, art and tradition. The fair is held at the Western North Carolina Agriculture Center, near the Asheville Regional Airport (I-26 East, exit 40). For ticket info: wncagcenter.org #Fall #StateFair #Agriculture

Love at first step

Dance. The very word makes me happy. Imagine a world filled with color, music, and movement. There is place just like that. It’s the world of dancing. For me, dancing isn’t just a hobby or something to do on the weekend, it’s an integral part of who I am and an essential element of my happiness. I began ballet dancing as a young child, but as an adult, my life became more about raising children and taking care of our home. When I returned to the world of dance by joining a ballroom dance class, my weekly lessons became my secret place of bliss. “Twinkles” and “Box Steps” danced in my head while washing dishes or folding clothes. The idea of twirling around the dance floor wearing a flowing,

What to ask your doctor about Parkinson’s

Talking to your doctor about any health concern can be tough, particularly when symptoms catch you by surprise or cause concern. And when it comes to Parkinson’s disease (PD), experts say there are many symptoms that often go unreported at doctor’s appointments, making them difficult to diagnose and treat. For example, many people are aware of visible symptoms associated with PD, like resting tremors and loss of balance. However, more than half of people living with Parkinson’s also experience a lesser known aspect of the disease -- hallucinations and delusions. “Over time, these symptoms may increase in frequency or become bothersome, as a person with Parkinson’s becomes less able to distin

Master gardener volunteers: An invaluable community resource

As summer winds down, it’s always a great time to assess your gardens to see how they’ve fared during the past several months. Some of the new plants may not have thrived in certain locations. Maybe they needed more sun or shade. Have some of them run shoots in another direction trying to reach what they needed? There’s something quite beautiful in getting to know your plants … no, really, I’m talking about really getting to know them by understanding their needs and what truly makes them flourish. Let’s take a seed for example. Most must wait at least a year before sprouting. Then some perfect trigger causes it to take a chance at living out its destiny. Some can wait hundreds of years. For

Make the most of local produce

Fresh, local produce is in its prime, making now the perfect time to take part in the farm-to-table movement. Whether you join a community supported agriculture (CSA) group or shop at your local farmers’ market, it’s easy to taste the elevated flavor profile of just-picked fruits and veggies. Make the most of the season with these tips for storing, cooking and savoring fresh produce. Plan, Prioritize, Prepare Plan what produce you will purchase ahead of time. Many farmers’ markets and CSAs distribute eNewsletters or flyers that highlight what’s available. You can also search for seasonality charts in your region to get an idea of what items are at their peak, and plan accordingly. Once you’v

Financial planning can secure your future and your peace of mind

Modern society sets great store in accumulation of wealth, and it can be easy to get caught up in chasing an ever-higher bank balance. However, managing your money effectively is just as important as earning it if you want to achieve your financial goals in life. Financial planning is the process of making sure your money works for you efficiently, and not only can it make the wealth you earn go further, it will provide a very powerful second benefit: the peace of mind that comes with knowing your finances are under control. Planning for Your Present Making sure that your money affairs are properly managed is an important way of providing stability and calm in daily life. Whether it’s throug

What do you know about seasonal eye allergies?

Suffering from itchy, watery eyes? You may have ocular allergies or you could have another issue entirely, such as chronic dry eyes. Experts say that getting the correct diagnosis is the only way to treat symptoms properly. “Chronic dry eye often mimics the symptoms of seasonal allergies and must be approached entirely differently,” says Arian Fartash, VSP network optometrist. “Many over-the-counter allergy treatments can actually make dry eyes worse, so make an appointment with your eye doctor to determine the exact cause of your discomfort.” If your itchy and watery eyes are diagnosed as ocular allergies, Dr. Fartash recommends taking the following steps. • Limit your exposure to pollen on

Make sure kitty is getting enough water

Many veterinarians warn that the average house cat isn’t drinking enough water. It’s not possible to force your cat to drink more water and cats are already known for being rather uncooperative. Dehydration can be dangerous and lead to serious complications, including kidney problems. What’s a concerned cat owner to do? Luckily, there are a few effective methods for helping your kitty stay hydrated. Consider the bowl The round water bowl is a classic and favored by many pet owners. Unfortunately, they aren’t the best choice for cats. Cats have extremely sensitive whiskers that act as a source of important sensory information. Whiskers can help cats get around in the dark and detect slight mo

Four dishes you didn't know pair well with Champagne

While you may think of Champagne as just for toasting, experts point out that it can actually be quite food-friendly. “Champagnes with a higher proportion of Chardonnay in their blends -- such as the signature style of Champagne Taittinger -- can be particularly versatile when it comes to food pairings,” says Chicago-based sommelier, Belinda Chang. For this purpose, Chang recommends the family-owned and operated champagne house, which offers a distinctive, light and delicate style, a longer aging period before release and sustainable production processes. “Every self-respecting foodie and wine geek knows to pair Champagne with a towering icy plateau of shellfish like chilled lobster, crab an

It's a big mistake to quit high cholesterol meds without talking to your doctor

For Howie Mandel, it was just a routine checkup. Because he was in his early 30s at the time, with a lean and fit physique, he was expecting nothing less than a clean bill of health. But the doctor did have news for the popular comedian, actor and TV-show host. Mandel learned he had high cholesterol. "That news came as a shock, because I was young and felt great," he said. His doctor recommended that Mandel use a statin. But it wasn't long before Mandel became wary of the potential side effects, so he stopped taking it altogether. He didn't tell his doctor about his decision to stop taking the medication - "out of sight, out of mind," he thought. But in his mind, that wasn't a problem. After

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