Fall Leaves

Shindig on the Green celebrates 51st season in downtown Asheville

You can find Laura Boosinger in the back of a building in downtown Marshall, right next to the Post office. WART, 95.5 Radio, is set up in the front window. Upon entering, you may or may not see Boosinger, who is Executive Director of the Madison County Arts Council, right away. More likely, you’ll have to walk to the back of the old structure because she’s busy in her office and probably won’t hear the creaking boards as you come through. That’s okay, though. It’s Madison County. People strolling around is normal. Boosinger knows Shindig on the Green. The beloved Appalachian mountain music festival at Roger McGuire Green at Pack Square Park in downtown Asheville, is celebrating its 51st se

OLLI starts small and grows organically

As with a lot of things in Asheville, the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is growing organically. What started in 1988 as a small department of the University of North Carolina at Asheville has become its own entity. It’s now housed in the Reuter Center on campus, serves 2300 members and has room for more adults looking to “thrive in life’s second half.” “There are up to 100 classes in any given term,” says Executive Director Catherine Frank, a former volunteer teacher at Duke University’s OLLI program. She helped make the program, once known as the North Carolina Center for Creative Retirement, into OLLI in Asheville in 2012. Frank explains that 60% of OLLI members have moved to As

Yoga for Seniors is a thing

Monday morning at Asheville Community Yoga in Woodfin, “Yoga for Seniors” class begins at 11:45 am. A lot of the participants are regulars. They know the routine. Get there a few minutes early, choose your mat, your location on the hardwood floor and other props needed for this gentle moving class. Once settled, lie back or sit up with legs crossed, whatever position makes you comfortable, puts you in chill mode. Teacher Wendy Mallett dims the lights and takes her place at the front of the room, beneath a horizontal window high on the wall. Sunlight streams down around her. She goes through a few announcements, welcomes regulars and newcomers. She doesn’t go into the why’s of how yoga benefi

Causes & care of hearing loss in Seniors:

Hearing loss comes in many forms. It can range from a mild loss in which a person misses certain high-pitched sounds, such as the voices of women and children, to a total loss of hearing. It can be hereditary or it can result from disease, trauma, certain medications or long-term exposure to loud noise. Some people may have a hearing problem without realizing it. Others might think they have a problem, but are too embarrassed to tell their doctor, friends, or family. You can help identify a possible hearing problem by asking yourself some key questions and, if necessary, having your hearing checked by a doctor. If a hearing loss is ignored or untreated, it can get worse. But a hearing loss t

Regain and maintain your health with physical vascular therapy

For hundreds of years, kings, scholars and explorers have searched for a proverbial “magic pill” that could be used for rejuvenation and longevity. Dating back to the writings of Herodotus in the 5th century BCE and becoming more prominent during the time of the Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, we see references to a mythical spring, said to have restorative powers for anyone drinking or bathing in it. The Philosopher’s Stone, a legendary alchemical substance also called the “elixir of life,” shows up throughout early Greek philosophy. Anyone over the age of 50 understands why they were searching. Our hearts and minds haven’t aged, but the body betrays us. We live longer now than they did ba

A glorious rainbow of books at Bookends, Pack Library’s used book store

Summer spreads her golden light, beckoning us with warm breezes and sun-drenched dreams to climb out of our boxes and head into the sunlight. We walk through the forest, skip lightly by the stream and pause, listening to the music of nature. If we’re observant enough, we might see Swallows nesting under eaves, feeding their babies making a fuss, drawing the neighbor cat’s attention. This is reality, but for those of us with a love of the written word, books can take us into the world of summer … even if it’s not. And who doesn’t have a fond childhood memory of sitting under an ancient Elm, her limbs spread wide in comfort and grace, as we lose ourselves in a good book? Daydreams aside, books

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