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A 'Love' story about two avid hikers

Perhaps having “Love” as your last name leads to no other destiny than to that of finding true love. My interview with Les Love and his wife Catherine shifted from my intention of writing an article about their hiking adventures around the world to also becoming a story of genuine respect, admiration, and love. Les from Western North Carolina and Catherine from South Carolina were avid hikers who also enjoyed traveling and making new friends. As a newly single man in 1997, Les joined the Carolina Mountain Club to help him adjust to his new lifestyle. Catherine’s love of hiking often brought her to the challenging and beautiful trails found in the mountains of North Carolina. In 2001, a seren

A needle pulling thread

September became National Sewing Month in a proclamation from President Ronald Reagan in 1982, “In recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation.” Sewing is one of the oldest textile arts because of course, people need clothing. For thousands of years, all sewing was done by hand. Although Isaac Singer didn’t invent the sewing machine, he made improvements in its practicality, and he made it easier for American families to purchase a machine. When he patented his idea, he changed home sewing forever. Sewing machines have come a long way since the original treadle version. Along with hundreds of specialty stitches, many have features available such as self-threading and making co

The greatest myths about salt

Salt is everywhere, it seems. It is on our tables, in many of our favorite foods and even in life-saving hospital infusions. After more than a century of debate over the role of salt in human health, the overwhelming medical evidence makes it clear that reducing salt in the U.S. diet may pose a greater risk to many consumers. Consider these four common myths about salt: Myth 1: Americans eat more salt than ever Military records from the early 1800s up to WWII show that the average soldier was consuming between 6,000 and 6,800 mg/day of sodium. We eat about half of that today, and that number has remained consistent since WWII. The advent of refrigeration meant that we could preserve food wit

Have you been diagnosed with osteoporosis?

As people age, they become more likely to develop osteoporosis, a disease that occurs when bones lose density and mass, which can cause them to be brittle, weak and easily broken. Dr. Rhonda Randall, chief medical officer for UnitedHealthcare Retiree Solutions, answers questions about osteoporosis and shares information about a test that can help diagnose osteoporosis or determine if you might be at risk. How common is osteoporosis? An estimated 54 million Americans have osteoporosis or low bone mass (an increased risk for osteoporosis), according to the National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF). Studies suggest that approximately half of women and a quarter of men age 50 and older will break a

Would you like some pickled onions?

At America's restaurants, you may have noticed more appetizers and entrees draped with pickled onions in the last couple of years. You may have been adventurous enough to try them, learning how their tartness coupled with onion flavor kick every dish up a notch, bringing tired flavors into a new era. Pickling has been around some 4,000 years as a way to preserve vegetables. It became popular in 18th century England as a way to preserve food, according to savoringthepast.net, and today is traditionally served with fish and chips or with what is called a ploughman's lunch, a dish of bread, cheese and onions - part of the English diet for centuries. Today, pickled onions are used all over the w

What does it mean to have hard water?

Hard water, which contains high levels of calcium and magnesium, can be found in nearly 90 percent of American homes. These minerals cause scaling, a buildup that clogs waterlines and plumbing forcing appliances to work harder and operate less efficiently. The scale may also harbor bacteria. The only way to truly remove the hard and soft scale from household water systems is with salt-based water softeners. The benefits of salt-based water softening are significant. Hard water scaling can cause your showerhead to lose up to 75 percent of its flow rate in 18 months. Hard water also interacts negatively with soap, reducing its cleaning power. Soft water is up to 12 times more effective at clea

Why not cereal for dinner?

Cereal really is the perfect meal. Not only is it quick and easy to prepare, but it’s nutritious and low in calories. It can provide at least 25 per cent of everything a multivitamin can, which is especially important for anyone who’s trying to lose weight and might be missing out on important vitamins and minerals due to their restricted diet. Many cereals are fortified, meaning that they have vitamins and minerals added, or enriched, which means that the vitamins lost in the manufacturing process are replaced. Add to that milk—which provides calcium and protein—and you’ve got a meal to be reckoned with! However, not all cereals are created equal, so when buying cereal look for a cereal tha

Don't let cataracts bring you down

Does your life today look different than it did in your younger years - literally? If things seem more cloudy and blurry than usual, even with your glasses on, you may be one of 24 million Americans living with cataracts. Cataracts might be slow to make themselves known, but the ultimate impact they have on your life can be profound. As daily activities like driving become more difficult, you might be feeling like you've lost some of your independence and may experience fear of missing out (FOMO) on the things you love, like traveling to your favorite destinations and spending quality time with your family. But that doesn't have to be your reality. "Many patients who come into my practice ar

Taylor’d With Style: Singing the blues...jeans that is

For more than 150 years, denim has been an enduring facet of fashion in America. Originally produced in Italy and France, denim was made popular in the United States by shop owner Levi Strauss and tailor Jacob Davis. In the late 1800s, Strauss sold the fabric to Davis from his California dry goods store. Davis purchased this sturdy fabric to make the rugged pants needed by gold miners and cowboys. Davis’s idea to use copper rivets at stress points to increase the garments durability was patented in 1873. Today, this twill-weave of strong indigo-dyed cotton yarns is one of the world’s most frequently worn fabrics. Slowly, but surely, denim evolved from being the fabric used to make clothing f

Get smart about car warranties and service contracts

Car shopping? One important factor to consider is what each manufacturer’s warranty covers and how long the coverage lasts, as well as whether you’re going to purchase additional coverage through a vehicle service contract. While these items can offer you peace of mind, sorting through them can be tricky. Before heading to a dealership, check out this quick look at four of the most common types of warranties and additional mechanical coverage offered on new and used vehicles. Bumper-to-Bumper The “basic” or “bumper-to-bumper” warranty is the most comprehensive factory warranty and covers all the original components and systems of a vehicle, excluding wear-and-tear items like tires, brake pad

Consider adopting a new cat

Cats are beautiful creatures. With a range of personalities from playful and interactive to subdued and independent, adopting a cat can be just the right answer for people looking for their new family pet. Given the influx of abandoned kittens and cats along roadsides and at shelters, adopting a cat provides an added act of goodwill when deciding on a pet. Benefits of adopting from a rescue center or shelter include the following: 1. Staff get to know the personality of the cat and can provide insightful recommendations such as whether or not a particular cat would be good with kids, good with other pets, or appropriate for a particular home environment. 2. Kittens will typically be ne

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