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Do you have a cold or the flu?

During certain times in a year, you’re bound to experience the feeling of a cold or flu. Your nose suddenly turns stuffy, your head is pounding against the perceived barriers in your skin, your throat is extremely scratchy and you have no idea whether you have a cold or a seasonal flu. The conundrum in distinguishing between flu and a cold arises because the symptoms for both these conditions overlap each other. You can either opt for going to a doctor – who will run a quick test with cotton swabs from the back of your throat or nose – or you can follow the basic guidelines we have here for identifying which one of the two you have and what you can do to tackle both of these infections. How

Safeguards against theft and scams

Do a little bit of research in this matter and you will find that identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes across the world, especially America. According to statistics from Transunion, more than 19 people fall victim to identity theft every minute. To understand the severity and extent of the crime, we first need to understand what identity theft actually is. Identity theft basically takes place when a hacker or criminal acquires someone’s personal information and data through the means of deception or fraud. The data is rather obviously acquired for the means of personal and financial gain. Due to the growth in the number of crimes reported under identity theft, the economic eff

Natural paths to relief from arthritis

Arthritis can be explained as a group of degenerative conditions that are often associated with aging. These conditions are mostly demonstrated through inflammation in the joints that is eventually a cause for unbearable pain and stiffness. The most common type of this condition, known as osteoarthritis, worsens with age and is caused by the constant wear and tear of our joints over the years. Treating arthritis as a condition can be tough for doctors. Doctors usually treat arthritis with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication. Although these medications do end up treating the condition, some of these painkillers come with their side effects, which can turn out to be a hassle on their

Food swaps for a healthier diet

Sometimes it is the smallest changes that end up making the biggest differences. While it is difficult to implement huge changes through small things in most parts for life, the statement perfectly fits into the narrative when it comes to your diet. If you are looking to opt for a healthier and better lifestyle, your diet is your go-to option for changing things up and give your health the push in the right direction with minimum changes. Here we will guide you to a few simple changes that will eventually help you in leading a better and healthier life. Swap Salt for Spices and Herbs Heart problems are the most threatening impediment that you can suffer from as your age starts increasing.

Daily tips for good oral hygiene

Good oral health is something that everyone aspires to have. Not only is your good oral health flaunted through a beautiful and ravishing smile, but you also get relief from numerous problems that can be extremely painful in the long run. Poor oral hygiene has been found to be a cause of numerous medical problems such as gum disease, bone loss, gum infection, strokes, heart disease and many more. All of these problems are not only painful but require you to follow extensive procedures that might eat a lot of your time and money. Regular checkups are bound to follow all oral problems. The feasible solution to this problem is to follow a stringent hygiene that places your oral health above e

Combat digestion issues with some of these foods

Considering that we are turning into a constipated and bloated generation, special care needs to be given to the digestive system. The digestive system is arguably the core of energy and longevity for life. There are not many things which are more frustrating than having to live your life, plagued with the threat of a below par digestive system. The problem can be hard to get rid of, but digestive issues should not be considered a norm, rather they should be considered as an excuse to get your eating habits on track. While digestive problems are already unwelcomed, they can signal a lot of other problems as well. Your gut is arguably the foundation of your health. The symptoms may seem r

Things that might help reduce your risk of cancer

The causes of cancer are very unpredictable. So much so, that there are often conflicting reports and articles across the internet. Something that is promoted for reducing the risk on one place may be advised against in another. With a conundrum awaiting anyone who wishes to secure themselves from the grips of the threat that cancer presents, a question is definitely raised regarding what a person can do to reduce the risk of cancer. While authentic researches and results regarding what prevents cancer is still in progress, and is evolving, what we do know is that your lifestyle options have a huge role to play in whether you develop cancer or not. So, if you want to stay safe from the hassl

Ways to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases

Often subjected to neglect, both tooth decay and gum diseases are two of the most common and prevalent conditions in both adults and children alike. Although, they are widely spread, both conditions can be easily prevented as well. A bit of care for your teeth and gums is what you need to stave off the disease and the pain that comes with it. Tooth decay is the gradual erosion of your teeth enamel. Once the process of decay is in full flow, you start developing holes in your teeth, known as cavity. If these cavities are left untreated or unattended, the holes will worsen and your teeth will be left compromised. The infection can eventually spread across to the other teeth and your gums as we

Getting your hands dirty at Harvest House

One of Asheville’s best kept secret is housed in the basement of Harvest House, a recreation center at 205 Kenilworth Road and part of the Asheville Parks and Recreation Department. It offers lots of activities directed toward seniors. At street level the center has a pool room and a large and a small multipurpose rooms. On a lower floor, there are several studio/classrooms; one used for a weaving class, and a huge, complete wood shop. Lastly — and the well kept secret — there is a room where ceramic sculpture is taught. On any Tuesday and Thursday mornings, 9:00 to noon, the sculpture classes meet in the downstairs (basement) studio, which is a moderate sized, well lit room. Peek inside and

Muscle health - something that needs more attention as you age

Your muscular system is what allows your body to make movements. From little movements such as smiling to big moves such as running, muscles are the controlling force of your body. There are some muscles that you can control, such as the biceps, while others work without conscious effort. For instance, the muscles that help you breathe! But there are some people who do not understand the importance of maintaining muscle health and prefer to neglect it until old age. If you belong to the group that does not consider maintenance of muscle health imperative, you are most likely to suffer in your old age. Why maintaining muscle health is crucial as we age? As soon as you enter your late 40s,

What is empty nest syndrome? How do you cope with it?

Your child is all grown up now and is about to leave home for college in another state probably. You take the news calmly up front but when they actually leave, you are hit with the shock. You may experience a mix line of emotions related to sadness and a feeling of loss. Here we talk about this phenomenon in detail and explain all that can be done to cope with it in the best way possible. What is Empty Nest Syndrome? Empty nest syndrome is not considered as a clinical diagnosis. Instead it can best be considered as a phenomenon where parents experience feelings of great grief and sadness at the sudden departure of their children. Although, you might have encouraged your children to live in

Sure-shot ways for making more friends after 50

When you are someone who has always been involved with people and groups, life after 50 can become a bit lonely for you. You adjust to the thought of staying at home after retirement and parting ways with the people with whom who you have spent a majority of your life. Revisit Past Hobbies Think of some hobbies and interests you had, before life took over. Joining a club or gardening can suffice in this regard. The first step in this process is to admit that you are lonely. You won’t make any progress, if you are not open to new experiences and shy away from them. You can even pay a visit to some old friends and delve on some memories. These old friends will refer you to other friends and y

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