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Food swaps for a healthier diet

Close up of avocado slices on toast

Sometimes it is the smallest changes that end up making the biggest differences. While it is difficult to implement huge changes through small things in most parts for life, the statement perfectly fits into the narrative when it comes to your diet.

If you are looking to opt for a healthier and better lifestyle, your diet is your go-to option for changing things up and give your health the push in the right direction with minimum changes. Here we will guide you to a few simple changes that will eventually help you in leading a better and healthier life.

Swap Salt for Spices and Herbs Heart problems are the most threatening impediment that you can suffer from as your age starts increasing. The best way to stop this problem and to limit it in its infancy is to moderate your salt intake from the word go.

Experts have recognized the risk of salt in growing heart problems and have thus specified that a normal human needs no more than 6gms of salt every day. The best way to cut back on the amount of salt you ingest is to find alternative seasoning that not only caters to the absence of salt but also promises a plethora of flavors.

The solution for this problem lies in normal herbs and spices that are of day-to-day usage. Garlic adds a lot of flavor to your food and can eventually boost your immune system and heart health in the process.

Coriander is a good source of Vitamin K and has a role to play in bone strength. Mint can cure digestive problems and conflates with ginger to help people with arthritis or joint problems. Chili is used extensively as a part of numerous anti-inflammatory medicines, and has also been proven to be an effective remedy for heart diseases.

Swap Fruit Juice for Fresh Smoothies Numerous fruit juices and their manufacturers would always claim that their products are made out of our favorite fruits, but they boast much higher amount of sugars than those present naturally in these fruits, and present a big health hazard to your lifestyle. A quick scan of the ingredients and labels of all of these products will eventually reveal that the quantity of pure fruit juice is usually low and minimal.

The perfect alternative to such juices is to make your own fresh fruit smoothies, with your own hands, right in front of your own eyes. Through this way, you can ensure that all the right ingredients are going into the glass.

Not only is the freshly brewed smoothie really beneficial for your health, but it is also really easy to make. All you need is your favorite fruit beside you and a jar of almond milk to add to the flavors. Go through the internet if you are unsure about the process.

Swap Ice Cream with Frozen Banana We don’t want you to refrain from ice cream for the rest of your life. In fact you can take the sugary delights every once in a while, but taking it on a consistent basis is nothing but a recipe to major health implications. If you overindulge in ice cream and other ice cold sugary delights of its type, you can experiment by trying out the guilt and sugar-free frozen banana snack.

All you need to do is to put a banana inside a freezer and wait for your frozen dessert craving to arise. As soon as you get this craving, you can take out the banana, and after letting it thaw slightly, put it in a blender. You will end up getting the texture of a brilliant gelato without the regular hits of sugar. Plus, bananas are a really rich source for fiber, Vitamin B6 and potassium.

Swap Potatoes with Sweet Potato Although potatoes have their very own nutritional value, swapping them with sweet potato is obviously the healthier way out. Potatoes are basically just starch and are only supposed to be rich in fiber when they are served with their skins on. And they don’t have their skins on when they are roasted, made into chips or mashed.

Potatoes also rank among the topmost food items in the glycemic index, which is a measurement of how quickly food items can increase your blood sugar levels.

Three glasses of fruit smoothies

On the contrary, sweet potatoes are considered to be vegetables. They are rich in Vitamin B6, C and A, and are good for people lacking or in need of calcium. They also rank fairly better on the glycemic index, meaning that they won’t cause your blood sugar levels to shoot up after you consume them. Sweet potatoes when baked make a nutritious option for lunch and are savored by people who have a check on their nutrition and food intake.

Swap Sandwich Spread With Avocado People are getting health conscious and it is evident through their choices of food. You cannot really go around restaurants these days without getting to see smashed avocado on the menu everywhere. The reason behind the rise in popularity for Avocado and the foods made through it is not just because it tastes really good, but also because Avocado is the best source of good fat around.

Because we need fat to help our body out in absorbing certain kinds of vitamins, we cannot entirely cut it out of the diet entirely. However, what we can do is ensure that our fat intake comes from unsaturated sources often found in plant oils.

Since most popular spreads used for sandwiches, such as margarine, butter and mayonnaise come from saturated fats, avocado is believed to be super rich in unsaturated fat. Unsaturated fat is beneficial as it will not raise your cholesterol or present any other threat to the body.

All you need to do is to spread the paste over your sandwich and wrap it for a nutritious, healthy and tasty way to eat the whole thing and to enjoy the essence of a healthy sandwich.

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