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Natural paths to relief from arthritis

Conceptual image showing the word Arthritis

Arthritis can be explained as a group of degenerative conditions that are often associated with aging. These conditions are mostly demonstrated through inflammation in the joints that is eventually a cause for unbearable pain and stiffness. The most common type of this condition, known as osteoarthritis, worsens with age and is caused by the constant wear and tear of our joints over the years.

Treating arthritis as a condition can be tough for doctors. Doctors usually treat arthritis with painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication. Although these medications do end up treating the condition, some of these painkillers come with their side effects, which can turn out to be a hassle on their own. Due to the incompetence of medications to treat arthritis in a flawless manner, a natural approach to achieving pain relief with arthritis is becoming extremely popular.

Considering the rise in popularity for natural options of pain relief in arthritis, we have come up with a list of natural remedies that will help you combat arthritis and osteoarthritis permanently, without worrying about any side effects.

Lose Weight Your weight has a huge impact on your arthritis and the pain you experience from it. As our joints become stiff from the regular excursions throughout our life, having a relatively larger weight can end up putting extra pressure on all of your joints. These joints, which are already stiff enough, do not have it in them to bear your increasing weight.

The joints that suffer the most from arthritis are knees, feet and hips. All these joints are directly linked with the extra pressure that your weight exerts on them. Losing weight will not only reduce the stress that these joints are currently going through, but will also mean that you improve your movement, prevent any future damage and decrease the amount of pain you experience.

Exercise There are many more benefits associated with exercising than simple weight loss. After consulting your doctor, start slowly and work up to a regular daily workout since your body may not be accustomed to a high amount of physical movement .

Exercises like running and walking that require you to bear weight can actually be damaging. Instead, you should opt for low impact exercises such as swimming and water aerobics. Low impact exercises will put less of a burden on your joints and will ensure that you keep your fitness intact. They will also end up saving you from adding further stress to the already stressed joints.

Some exercises can be beneficial

Hot and Cold Therapy Natural treatment, as simple as hot and cold therapy, can make a huge difference when it comes to treating the pain you are enduring from arthritis. The best hot and cold treatment is to start your day with a long, warm shower. Starting your day with a warm shower will reduce the stiffness in your joints helping you feel better during throughout the day.

By using a heating pad or an electronic blanket at night, you can keep your joints loose. While hot treatments can reduce the stiffness in joints, cold treatments are considered best for relieving joint pain, inflammation and swelling. The best way to apply this method is by wrapping a gel ice pack and applying it on the painful joints to experience quick relief.

Acupuncture Acupuncture is a medical treatment that has been around since it was proposed by medical experts in ancient China. The method basically involves a process where thin needles are inserted into various specified points in your body. It is believed to reroute energy and restore balance.

Acupuncture has been around for ages and was implemented by our forefathers to good effect. It is one of the most researched therapies and is also suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) for prevention and treatment for over 100 conditions.

One of the conditions that acupuncture can eventually improve is arthritis. The method is believed to have properties that can help reduce the pain you experience. If you would like to explore this method of treatment, you can start by looking for any certified professional within your vicinity.

Meditation for Pain Stress has been found to play an important role with Arthritis. It can intensify the pain you are experiencing. Meditation is an effective method for solving all forms of pain from arthritis. Meditation and other relaxing strategies may help you reduce the pain, since they reduce stress and give you the strength to cope with it in a better way.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has verified on countless occasions that practicing meditation in a peaceful way can be helpful for people experiencing arthritis and other painful conditions in their joints. Researchers have also found that people experiencing depression and arthritis tend to benefit the most from meditation. As soon as stress is reduced, inflammation and swelling will soon drop.

Massage Arthritis patients can benefit from massage. Experts on Arthritis have mentioned that getting arthritic joints massaged regularly can reduce the stiffness and pain. In addition to feeling better, massage will greatly increase your range of motion. Massage therapy works best when appointments are regularly scheduled with a specialist.

Please remember to ensure that your massage therapist should have the prerequisite experience with people who suffer from arthritis. Get feasible recommendations from fellow patients and your doctor.

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