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The Benefits of Being a Spiritual Person

Spirituality is a belief system or lifestyle that is unique to each person. One person may define it as a belief in a higher power, while another may see spirituality as being one with nature. However, one commonality among all spiritual people is the list of benefits. From better health to more fulfilling relationships, here are eight benefits of being a spiritual person.

Benefits of Spirituality

1. Happiness

Because spiritual people believe in a higher power or positive energy that governs all the right and wrong in the world, they feel free to release their worries to that power. As a result, spiritual people often cope better with stress and anxiety. Without the weight of worrying about everything, spiritual people tend to be happy, calm, peaceful, and positive.

2. Good Health

Stress is one of the leading causes of many health problems, such as:

• Obesity

• High blood pressure

• Heart disease

• Diabetes

• Psoriasis

• Depression and anxiety

Studies have shown that since spiritual people often resort to prayer, meditation, and breathing exercises for stress release, they experience lower blood pressure and fewer other health issues. 

According to the American Cancer Society journal, Cancer, spiritual and religious people report fewer symptoms of cancer and better overall health. Additionally, spirituality is believed to help cancer patients battle the disease with success.

3. Longer Life

It should come then as no surprise that if spirituality promotes good health, spiritual people tend to live longer.  Based on a 2011 study published in Explore: The Journal of Science & Healing, spiritual and religious people had an 18 percent lower mortality rate than non-spiritual people.

4. High Performers

Since spiritual people are calmer and less stressful, they tend to perform well on exams and daily job tasks because their minds aren’t cluttered with worries. Spiritual parents are able to be patient and attentive to their children’s needs while spiritual career individuals tend to focus well on achieving targets and objectives.

5. Good Fortune

To others, spiritual people may appear lucky because it seems good things often happen to them. But, the truth is that because their minds are less burdened, spiritual people are more observant to the world around them. They notice and take pleasure in the little things of life, whether it be the wonders of nature or ideal opportunities they may have missed out on otherwise.

6. Better Sleep

Spiritual people sleep better because they practice some of the recommended ways to obtain better sleep. Breathing exercises, Yoga, prayer, and meditation enable people to think positive and relax so they can experience quality sleep.

7. Successful

Spiritual people tend to be successful because they are more positive, and positive thinking attracts positive results. Spirituality also enables people to focus better on obtaining goals and cultivating creative ideas into profitable projects.

8. Fulfilling Relationships

Being peaceful and positive frees the hearts and minds of spiritual people to be gracious and compassionate toward others. This promotes happy and fulfilling relationships with others. Self-esteem also helps spiritual people to be less clingy and dependent on others, and instead, more patient and giving.


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