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Shifting From Spring into Wellness

a vision of spring time with a stream running through green grass and trees

by Laurie Richardone

May is a fantastic month that connects to wellness more deeply for several reasons. Spring is merely a precursor to the grandeur that awaits us on the horizon.

May marks the beginning of the prime growing season. This growing season promotes harmony because it aligns with the earth’s natural flow, fostering a sense of balance and interconnectedness between humans and the environment.

The abundance of fresh seasonal produce in May encourages us to support small-scale, organic local farmers. By choosing locally grown food, we will surely eat well, and minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals. This maximizes the benefits available in food grown in healthy soil.

This way of eating connects us to nature, promoting a sense of compatibility and well-being.

It offers us nutrient-rich better-tasting ingredients, which leads to more diverse and interesting meals. As I prepare each meal, I pause to reflect on the abundance of seasonal ingredients before me.

I whisper a silent thank you to the earth for the kaleidoscope of flavors, colors, and textures that grace my table, such as tender asparagus, leeks, and succulent sweet strawberries, to name a few.

Eating seasonally aligns our diets with Mother Nature and the rhythm of the seasons. This is where we can develop a deeper connection to the land, along with a greater appreciation for the food that sustains us.

When we make conscious choices that honor each season, it promotes a sense of balance in our lives. Best of all, we will eat delicious food.

In addition to renewal and vitality, May brings a sense of anticipation and excitement as we transition from the freshness of Spring to the warmth of Summer. This makes it a natural fit for wellness.

Spending time outdoors in the May sunshine helps boost our vitamin D levels, which is important for immune function, and mood regulation.

Wishing you a Healthful & Happy May.

May’s delightful dessert ~ A Strawberry Pavlova. It is a delicious dessert that combines crispy, airy meringue with luscious whipped cream and seasonal fruit.

To your good health.

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Laurie Richardone is an inspirational seasonal chef and certified wellness coach.

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