Fall Leaves

Whoo Are You?

I am Dr. Zachary Holcombe. I grew up in Greenville NC. I attended North Carolina State University for my undergraduate studies and then went

Baked Pie Company: Eat Pie and Smile

By Kirsten Fuchs Aren’t they funny, our memories? How can I remember moments from elementary school, song lyrics I haven’t sung in 40 years, and names of my childhood friends; yet, I can’t remember what I had for lunch yesterday? One of those memories is of me and my best friend sitting on a bench outside our high school in South Florida, talking about what we aspired to do when we were older. I specifically said that I wanted to own a small general store in North Carolina. I left Florida twenty-two years ago and headed north. My husband and I brought our kids to South Asheville and found our new home in Fletcher. I worked for several companies in those first twenty years, yet something was

Using Color in Feng Shui

One of the easiest ways to get started with feng shui is to play with color. Color is very important in feng shui

Quotes For Father

Fathers are often viewed as the strongest part of any family. Fathers are seen as the breadwinners and the protectors

Fashion in the Fast Lane

Not all apparel designers and manufacturers genuinely care about your exquisite sense of style. They want what is in your wallet

Sandy’s Food For Thought...

These beautiful Ganache Strawberries are not for the faint of heart. Why you say? Some folks are surprised by the flavor

The Benefits of Eating Kale

Do you often hear people say things like: Kale is tough. Kale tastes bitter. I don’t like it. Well, I think this Kale Salad recipe will chan

Taylor’d with Style: Fetching Florals

By JeanAnn Taylor Just like perennial flowers returning year after year in our gardens, floral fashion makes a comeback each spring with energizing and cheerful prints and colors. The floral style trend never gets old or goes out of fashion because, flowers are pretty. Flowers can represent many emotions: playful, edgy, romantic, modern, and feminine are just a few. Floral prints are available on a variety of materials including rayon, cotton, silk, chiffon, leather, and lace. With so many possibilities and ways to create fashionable floral looks, I thought it would be interesting to identify some of the many types of floral fabrics. Asian florals are credited with being the first floral fab

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