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Using Color in Feng Shui

Colorful balloons

One of the easiest ways to get started with feng shui is to play with color. Color is very important in feng shui, but don’t worry, there is no need to use colors that you do not enjoy. That is the beauty of feng shui. In order to be good feng shui, it has to feel good to you.

Purple – Feng Shui’s Favorite Color

Purple is the color of the wealth and prosperity corner, but it is good feng shui in almost any area. It is used to enhance luck and prosperity and bring opportunities into your life. Purple can be used to bring love into your life or to ramp up the romance if you are already in a relationship. Purple can help if you are seeking wisdom, personal growth, or peace.

Purple is a fire element color. It is used to attract money, prosperity and abundance.

Red – Fame and Reputation – Fire

Red is the color of the fame and reputation corner. Red is a powerful and useful color in feng shui. Use it to activate good luck charms and other items. Tie a red ribbon around your phone cord to attract more business or social opportunities. Use a red wallet or purse to attract money.

Red increases the energy in any room. Add red anywhere you want to liven things up or draw attention. Red in the bedroom can spice up your love life. Too much red, however, can create too much energy interfering with relaxation and sleep.

Orange – the Social Color

Orange encourages communication and cooperation. It helps with focus and motivation. Orange is a fire element color and livens up the space creating warm, playful energy. It encourages conversation, and can diffuse arguments. Orange can help if you are stuck creatively, increasing both creativity and concentration.

Yellow – Go Easy, but Don’t Fear It

Yellow is a tricky color. It can be very beneficial when used in small doses, but too much yellow can cause anxiety and crankiness.

Yellow is considered both a fire and an earth element color. It is the color of digestion in Chinese medicine. Yellow is stimulating to both the digestive system and the mind. It promotes learning and mental clarity. It encourages self-esteem and improved health and well-being.

Green – New Beginnings and Wealth

Green represents the wood element. It is the color of good health and vibrancy. Adding green to your fame and reputation area feeds the fire element and can bring you recognition. Green is also useful for renewal and new growth. If you are having trouble moving forward or making changes, green can get you moving in the right direction.

Of course, green represents money and can help your money grow when used in the wealth and prosperity sector. If you are low on energy, adding green, especially healthy plants, can help boost your energy levels. Green is calming, relaxing, and refreshing so you don’t have to worry about over-energizing when using this color.

Blue – Generate Wealth

Blue represents water, and in feng shui, water generates wealth. Blue enhances healing and meditation, and is the color of knowledge and wisdoms, making it a good color to use in rooms where you or your children study.

Blue is also a calming and relaxing color that can help reduce anxiety and aggression. Overuse of blue may lead to depression, however. Blue can help lower your pulse and body temperature, and decreases appetite.

Black – Money and Protection

Black is another water element color. Black attracts money and income. It is the color of protection, power, and mystery. Black is very grounding.

Black is a good color to use in your career sector to draw wealth generating career opportunities. If your front door is in the career or wealth sector of your home, try painting it black to start generating money.

White – Creativity and Children

White represents metal in feng shui. It is the color of the creativity and children sector. White can help restore youthful energy. When used in the creativity and children corner, it can help you overcome writer’s block and infertility.

White can be used in the travel and helpful people area if you are wanting to travel, or if you need the help and support of others.

Putting it To Use

When using colors in feng shui, choose the colors and shades that you love. Try to achieve balance, using a little bit of each color. Remember that intention is a powerful feng shui tool. Choose and place your colors with a clear intention. When it is all said and done, it should feel good.


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