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Ways to prevent tooth decay and gum diseases

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Often subjected to neglect, both tooth decay and gum diseases are two of the most common and prevalent conditions in both adults and children alike.

Although, they are widely spread, both conditions can be easily prevented as well. A bit of care for your teeth and gums is what you need to stave off the disease and the pain that comes with it.

Tooth decay is the gradual erosion of your teeth enamel. Once the process of decay is in full flow, you start developing holes in your teeth, known as cavity. If these cavities are left untreated or unattended, the holes will worsen and your teeth will be left compromised.

The infection can eventually spread across to the other teeth and your gums as well. The combined condition of tooth decay and gum pain can result in tooth and bone loss. This might sound terrifying, but there is a silver lining; you can prevent both gum diseases and tooth decay from happening, if you implement the right methods. Here we have compiled a list of tips and methods you can follow to ensure that you remain safe from the problem.

Brush Twice a Day This might sound easy, but it really isn’t. If you are not in the habit of brushing twice a day, then you might find it hard to take it up. Brushing has numerous benefits, and if it is done on a regular basis, it can safeguard you from the onset of diseases like tooth decay and gum pain.

Both Cavities and gingivitis start as really small concepts. If they are not controlled through the habit of brushing your teeth twice a day, you might just be paving way for the spread of the disease. Try having a brush with soft bristles, as it can gently clean all the plaque and bacteria that has accumulated over time. The perfect time for brushing your teeth is after waking up in the morning and before going to sleep in the night.

This way you can successfully counter the plaque that is formed during the time in between. Be patient and take your time to reach all the areas. The benefits of brushing regularly will only be felt if you cater to all corners properly and do not leave any corner untouched.

Floss Your Teeth Daily Flossing is an extremely effective method of staying safe from the nuisance of tooth decay and gum diseases such as gingivitis. While brushing your teeth is useful in helping you clean the teeth, flossing is best for going inside the roots of every tooth to clean all the small cervices, which are the little spaces between gums and teeth.

These cervices can contain bits of food or bacteria, which if neglected can seriously harm the condition of your gums and teeth. Thus, it is imperative that you cater to these cervices by flossing your teeth regularly. Choose Your Toothbrush Wisely One mistake that most of us commit while looking for a toothbrush is buying something that is nearest to us in the aisles. We do not complement our decision with any research. Our patterns for buying toothbrushes are based more on what we see at a moment in time than what can be best for us. Most Point of Sales terminals at Supermarkets have toothbrushes stocked at the exit, considering the neglect shown while buying them.

Always remember to do your research regarding the best toothbrush for you. You might be brushing your teeth twice every day, but will not be getting the desirable results if you don’t have the right brush in your hand. If you are unable to reach a decision, you should then take the advice of your dentist and should trudge accordingly. Most dentists will be more than willing to let you know their two cents on the issue.

Limit the Sugars Starchy or sugary do not react well with bacteria stuck in the cervices. The reaction that occurs in the teeth and gums, after you have eaten sugary foods, leads to tooth decay.

Sugar reacts aggressively with the bacteria that are present in our saliva to form an acid that is considered extremely dangerous for the outermost layer of our teeth. The enamel is the protective layer on a tooth and plays an important role in hindering the process of tooth decay.

Most people will find skipping sugary meals very hard, but your oral hygiene requires the abstinence to flourish well. But, there is a rather pleasing alternative to this problem; an alternative where you can indulge in the sugary delights you like and safeguard your oral health as well.

An anti-bacterial mouthwash is the solution to all your worries after you have had something excessively sweet. The mouthwash will rinse your mouth and clear out all the bacteria perfectly.

Pay Regular Visits to the Dentist It is extremely important to pay regular visits to the dentist and to have your teeth checked twice every year. The ratio can definitely be increased, if you have any other problem.

Semiannual visits to the doctor won’t do much harm, but will save you from the hassle of suffering teeth or gum problems later on. Dentists can also help catch a problem in its infancy and would treat it accordingly. Moreover, you can also initiate a plan with your local dentist to have regular checkups for your teeth. If there is any discrepancy, the dentist should assign you the treatment deemed fit for the purpose. There is also the buildup of tartar on your teeth that cannot be removed at home. The dentist will help remove the tartar and would check all other attributes to give you the go ahead for the coming 6 months.

Caring for your teeth and gums does not require rocket science. All you need to do is to follow the tips mentioned above, to ensure that you remain save from the hassle of tooth decay and gum diseases.

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