Because . . . You are Worth It

Make a plan for the day. Get up, get dressed, and be grateful. Visualize your goals and eat healthy. If you don’t take care of yourself . . . who will?

By Gigi Steel

September is Self-Improvement Month, making this the perfect time to assess our health, habits, and emotional state of mind. Self-improvement can include all aspects of who we are—our physical body, our mental state, and our level of happiness.

As life is often challenging, self-improvement can be an overwhelming task to contemplate. The answer to this conundrum is to begin by taking small steps.

Self-improvement is a lifelong process. It isn’t something you do one day, and then check the box that it’s “done.” As our lives change, so does the need for wellness-adjustment. Our ever-evolving lives require that we adapt to the changes.

The way we took care of ourselves when we had young children is very different from the way we live our lives as seniors. Retiring from a job that required forty-plus hours of work each week offers new opportunities of growth and wellness.

Life-changes are not always easy, but those who intentionally seek self-improvement and acceptance will have an easier time of adjusting.

Self-improvement is easier accomplished with a support system. Try to find like-minded people who inspire and cheer you on to better health. Explore new opportunities: take a cooking class, learn to dance, woodworking, or flower-arranging, join a skeet club, practice yoga, try watercolor painting or gardening, go hiking or explore museums.

There are countless opportunities to investigate. As you try new things and expand your mind, you’ll also make new friends.

Try to avoid time-sucking activities like playing computer games or spending too much time in the rabbit hole of social media. These activities will not get you any closer to any goal you have set for yourself.

Make a plan for the day. Get up, get dressed, and be grateful. Visualize your goals and eat healthy. These simple steps will help you realize the benefits of overall self-improvement. After all, if you don’t take care of yourself . . . who will?

Be the best version of you because you are worth the effort.

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