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Bring the Outdoors in and Cozy Up Your Home This Autumn

Orange cat fall leaves and a warm sweater theme for Fall
Put the kettle on, snuggle down under a blanket and enjoy everything the season has to offer

Adding simple seasonal touches to your décor is a great way of keeping interest in your home all year long, without the need for major decorating or renovation. Autumn is the coziest time of year, with crisp mornings, lush colors and warming scents. Below are some easy ways to bring the best bits of autumn into your home.


Investing in throws and blankets of different colors is one of the easiest ways of adjusting your home for the changing seasons. Drape them over armchairs, sofas, and beds, or leave them folded on blanket boxes or benches, and you can transform the look of a room.

Warm tartans are spot on for autumn and lush furs and sheepskins can help keep you cosy as the temperature starts to plummet. Just make sure you stick to colours which compliment your existing décor.

Rotate your accessories

Vases, decorative plates, and cushions in different colors are a cost effective way of transforming the look of your room. Accessorizing needn't cost too much. Keep an eye out in charity or consignment shops for bargains. You will soon have a set of quirky accessories for every season.

Create a warm welcome

There is nothing more inviting than a home filled with the sights and smells of autumn. Give guests an idea of what lies within by adding welcoming touches to your porch or other outdoor spaces. An autumn-themed wreath on the front door and a strategically placed basket of firewood tells guests they can expect a warm welcome.

Get squashed

Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween. The colors, shapes, and longevity of pumpkins, squashes, and gourds make them ideal for adding an autumn touch to your home.

They look gorgeous just as nature intended, clustered in groups, placed on steps, or sitting on the porch. If you're feeling crafty, try pressing foliage and flowers from your garden, then decoupage onto the gourds.

With some clever thinking and by making the most of the wonderful produce the season has to offer you can create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere in your home

Swap flowers for branches

Take a few crabapple branches, strip them of leaves, leaving just the fruit, and arrange in large vases. Many trees are festooned with bright little berries at this time of year. These can make an attractive natural display.

When using branches as a floral arrangement, it is their structure which is beautiful, so don't panic if flower arranging is not your forte, they will look attractive even if you are usually a flower arrangement disaster area.

Tree branch coasters

Find a branch which is roughly three inches in diameter, and saw into slices around 3/4-inch thick. Sand both sides and voila! These bring an instant rustic feel to any coffee table and can make great homemade gifts come Christmas-time.

Get fruity

Autumn is a time of plenty, and a fruit bowl well-stocked with rosy apples, pretty pears, and decadent figs can in itself be an object of beauty.

Roaring fires

Nothing cozies up a house like an open fire. If you're not blessed with a fire or log burner, there are candles available online which replicate the crackle and scent of a roaring fire.

These quick and easy autumnal ideas can help you enjoy the sights and smells of this time of year without straying from the comfort of your home and without breaking the bank.


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