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Floral Decor

looking at a spikey green plant in a bedroom in front of a green wall

The art of floral decor can be a delicate matter. Too much and your room may look like an overgrown garden, too little means you missed the point all together. Floral patterns can go anywhere. They are appropriate on sofas, rugs, table linens, throw pillows, bed spreads, shower curtains, and even lamp shades. You name it and you can find a floral print on any home decor item.

An important consideration when choosing a floral is the size of the flower.

Large flowers give a more modern feel, while tiny prints conjure up a vintage vibe. Large prints are often bold and bright while tiny flowers appear dainty and feminine.

To offset an overly floral, girly look, try adding geometric prints. A floral sofa paired with a checked rug will definitely give the overall look an electric vibe rather than a feminine one. This is a great way to express your personality.

Mixing florals is a pretty way to add flowers to your decor that last all year. The trick here is to keep the colors complementary and the intensity similar.

However you decide to decorate, always do what is right for you, so that your house feels like your home.


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