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Fancy Footwork

We use our feet to walk, run, jump, skip, and dance! Now that summer is just around the corner, they will also be subject to heat, sweat, and open-toe shoes. So shouldn’t we give them the care and respect they deserve?

First and most importantly, wash your feet every day. If you take showers in the morning and not at night, be sure to wash your feet before you crawl into bed. This habit will also keep your sheets clean. When you are in the bath or shower, use a pumice stone to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Use a foot moisturizer daily. Dry, hard calluses are painful and unsightly. Soft feet are healthier and more attractive. Be sure your feet are dry before you put on shoes to avoid athlete’s foot and other foot fungus.

Wear flip flops whenever you shower in a public locker room or shared space.

Protect your feet with appropriate shoes and keep them clean. Dirty, sweaty shoes can become germy and smell bad.

Take care of toenails. Trim them straight across, then use a nail file to smooth the edges.


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