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A Note From the Editor

Several years ago, someone said to me, “Maybe you are in the middle of a miracle, and you don’t even know it.” Think about that for a minute. It’s powerful to think that our seemingly mundane life is actually a miracle in the making.

So, how do we know? I think it comes down to our perspective. Our perspective, or outlook, is what changes everything about how we think and what we do.

When we are “in the middle” of a situation, it can be very hard to see what’s beyond our field of vision—it can be hard to see the miracle. We may feel that we

are in a rut and unable to get out. We may be so clouded by darkness we can’t see the sunshine. This is when it’s vitally important to take a step back and view the situation from a different angle—or perspective. Our attitude toward any given situation dictates our response. Only when we objectively evaluate something can we form an authentic opinion.

We are watching our culture change at a significantly rapid rate—faster than any other time in history. Some changes will be perceived as positive while others will clearly reflect a gloomy future. We can’t control rising gas prices and soaring unemployment; the only control we truly have is of ourselves. We can take personal responsibility to take care of our bodies, maintain our dignity, do the right thing, and be kind and respectful. As we individually look inward for strong and moral character, we collectively achieve it.

When we take a new approach and look at life with a fresh perspective, we find that there is always something to be thankful for. It’s important to remember this. You can read more about how to

gain perspective in A Peaceful Perspective. I hope we all welcome spring with

optimism and faith that our lives are a miracle—and worth finding happiness, peace, and perspective.

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