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What Greater Gift than the Love of a Cat

rather long-haired cat next to a wrapped gift box and tree in back

Cats provide many benefits to their humans. Caring for a cat can drastically reduce your stress and lower your blood pressure. Emotionally, cats offer loyalty and companionship. The connection between a cat and human can be extremely strong.

Cats reduce stress and anxiety. Chronic stress has been associated with depression, heart disease and cancer. The simple act of petting a cat for five minutes causes your body to produce stress-reducing hormones called oxytocin. These hormones help to lower your blood pressure and calm your body. Your body’s level of dopamine and serotonin also increase, which work to regulate mood and prevent depression.

You may wonder how petting a cat can be so beneficial to your health. As you begin to pet a cat, your focus becomes the cat. You are no longer thinking about work, bills or whatever is stressing you at the time. Your sole purpose is to pet the cat. As you pet your cat, your body starts to mimic the actions of your cat. You may even notice your breathing slowing and your body calming.

Another reason you need a cat in your life is pure enjoyment. Cats are fun to be around, most of the time. All cats have different personalities, but most cats are curious beings and get into a lot of trouble. You will never be bored with a cat in the house. You may even find yourself spending most of your time recording your cat. The internet is full of mischievous cats creating funny moments.

Cats offer companionship. The more time you take to bond with your cat, the stronger that connection will be. Most cats enjoy a nice warm lap to curl up on. Once they curl up and start purring, you can instantly start to feel yourself relaxing. Cuddling up with a cat is the most relaxing feeling in the world. They often watch television with you and eat with you.

In general, cats are low maintenance compared to other animals. Cats clean themselves. They use a litter box. Most do not require walking. Although, some breeds of cats do benefit from being walked on a leash. Cats require food, water and lots of love. Other than regular vet visits, cats are fairly easy to maintain.

Cat ownership benefits both you and your furry companion. You reap the rewards of having a long-lasting relationship with a loyal friend. Your pet has someone to love and take care of them. They also feel that bond. Both you and your cat develop a long-lasting relationship built on love and trust.


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