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Home Improvement Projects To Do in the Summer

couple hugs as they work on summer Home improvements

The summer brings warmer weather and better opportunities to complete projects around your home that you normally can’t do in colder months.

The better weather provides you with more options to either do DIY projects to the exterior of your home or contract someone to complete a project that might be difficult or impossible to do in colder months.

Here are five home improvement projects to tackle this summer before the weather starts to get cold again.

1) Replace your windows

Summer is the perfect time to go ahead and get your windows replaced. Typically, most people get their windows replaced every 15 to 20 years, so this isn’t a project you’ll have to complete every year. You’ll know you need to get your windows replaced when they become difficult to operate and start to show signs of wear.

Most people don’t replace their windows on their own. You can pay for installation services to come out and replace the windows on your home for you. Some of these services offer package deals in the summer to lower the price because they know many people want to replace their windows in warmer months.

While it’s not impossible to get your windows replaced in the winter, it’s definitely more bothersome. Especially if your windows take more than a day to replace, you could be stuck with a draft in your house for weeks during the winter.

2) Clean your gutters

Cleaning the gutters is something that can be done at almost any time of the year. However, it’s safer and easier to do in the summer. You don’t want to deal with the snow or ice when climbing on top of your house to clean your gutters.

Your gutters can be a great home improvement DIY project that you can complete in a single day. You can save yourself money by doing it yourself in the summer when the weather is nicer.

3) Replace or repair your roof

Your roof is another summer project that can be easier to complete when the weather is warmer. Most roofers won’t work if the weather is too cold and only do roofing repairs in warmer months.

If you’re looking to get your roof repaired or replaced, save your money for the summer to do it, if possible. You’ll know if your roof needs work if you notice leaks, drafts, or any kind of damage. Consider getting a metal roof if it fits your budget as they are designed to never need to be replaced.

4) Power wash your house

Power washing your home can make it look nicer, and the summer is a great time to do it. If you own or rent a power washer, warmer months in the summer are a great time to go ahead and use it on the exterior of your home.

If you’re paying someone to power wash your home, make sure you know that they will likely only do it when the weather is warm.

5) Landscaping projects

The most obvious summer project on this list is landscaping. Doing your landscaping projects in the summer is smart for a number of different reasons.

Making your yard and property look nicer in the summer by keeping it maintained is important. Plants and weeds grow faster in the warmer months than in the colder ones and need to be trimmed. You might find your property has quickly grown out of control due to the abundance of sunlight and warm weather. This also could lead to more bugs in and around your house if your plants aren’t properly maintained.

The summer is the time for outdoor projects

Summer is the ideal time to finish home improvement projects you’ve been putting off in colder months. Some of the projects can be DIY, and other ones might have to be contracted out to workers who know what they’re doing, but your home’s exterior will be more attractive and valuable as a result of the work you put in.


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