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How a Vibration Plate Will Improve Your Health

three women of different ages standing on vibration plates

A vibration plate is simply a platform, slightly larger than a stair step. It closely resembles the steps used in step exercises. The only difference is that it is electric and vibrates.

Most vibration plates offer a variety of vibration speeds and intensities. Vibration plates are commonly available everywhere fitness equipment is sold.

All the experts agree that exercise is important for your overall health. However, exercise isn’t an option for some groups of people, such as those who are elderly or disabled.

They can’t exercise because of their overall health condition, yet they can’t improve their health because they cannot exercise. If this sounds like you, here are some ways a vibration plate will help you improve your health with little effort on your part.

Improve Your Blood Circulation

A vibration plate vibrates 50 to 75 times per second. When your body is on the vibration plate for five to 10 minutes, blood flow at the skin level increases significantly. When your blood circulation improves, you benefit externally and internally.

Externally, you will soon start to notice that your cellulite is less noticeable, and your skin looks healthier. Internally, improved blood circulation has been proven to help improve peripheral neuropathy in the arms, hands, legs, and feet.

Reduce Your Pain

Whether you have chronic pain from arthritis or an injury, a few minutes on a vibration plate can reduce your pain. If you can sit or stand, or rest your back, legs, arms, feet, or even your abdomen on the vibration plate, the vibration acts as an intense massage that quickly loosens up those tight, painful muscles and can even help muscle injuries to heal faster.

Chiropractors use vibration plates in their offices to administer “whole body vibration,” also known as WBV, to help their patients with chronic lower back pain. WBV causes tiny muscle reflexes in all of your muscles. These reflexes are like the flexing in the arms if you lift weights.

The reflexes cause the muscles to increase in size and strength. As the muscles become stronger, the pain in those muscles lessens.

Increase Your Bone Density

Bone density is of great importance as you age. When the density of your bones decreases, you are at a high risk of breaking your bones. A vibration plate’s vibration temporarily causes a heavier load on your bones. Just as lifting weights helps your muscles to grow, the extra load on your bones the vibration plate causes helps your bones to become denser.

Build Your Muscles

It’s hard to imagine that just standing on a vibration plate helps your muscles to grow and become stronger. No-effort exercise sounds too good to be true, but it is true with vibration plates. Simply standing on a vibration plate for 10 minutes a day causes your muscles to flex and relax quickly, which helps them grow. You don’t even have to break a sweat.

Lose Weight

As your muscles grow, your bones become stronger, and your pain disappears, your waistline will shrink. Time spent on a vibration plate burns calories. If you actually work out while standing on the vibration plate, you can expect to burn twice as many calories as you would without the benefit of the vibration plate.

If working out isn’t something you can do right away, you will still burn more calories sitting on the vibration plate than you would if you were sitting on your couch.

While a vibration plate does not require much effort, you should attempt to use the vibration machine each day. Some people may benefit even more by using the machine for 10 minutes twice daily. As your health condition improves, be sure to add additional exercises when using your vibration plate.

While a vibration plate offers exceptional benefits, it’s important to understand that it isn’t a magic carpet. While you will see a vast improvement in your overall health, those changes will occur slowly if you are only standing or sitting on the vibration plate, as opposed to the results you will see if you can work out while using the vibration plate.


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