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How to Find Creative Inspiration

Have you recently struggled to find solid creative ideas to inspire you? If so, you are not on your own. All different creative types periodically face blocks to their creativity. Actions you take to find inspiration when faced with such obstacles matter. Here are some things you can do to find inspiration when you suffer from creative block:

man and woman on a picnic blanket with lunch next to a lake strumming guitar

Go For a Walk

When your mind feels foggy and you lack fresh ideas, going for a brisk walk can restore your energy levels and help revitalize you. It does not particularly matter if you walk in the city or a rural area since it is possible to find creative inspiration anywhere. For example, you might be inspired by the sight of kids laughing and playing jump rope on the city sidewalk or the delicacy of a butterfly’s wings as it lands on a flower in the country park. You never know what will inspire you if you get outside and walk.

Be Sociable

Do not pour all of your time into your work. Make sure you spend plenty of time with your friends and family. You never know when a conversation with someone dear to you will give you an amazingly creative concept. You can also ask the people you love what they would like to see you create. You might be surprised and inspired by what they think up. Children, for instance, tend to have remarkably vivid imaginations. You can sometimes get some superbly innovative ideas if you talk to them.

Discover More About People In Your Community

Do not limit yourself to having conversations with those you already know. Attempt to get to know the members of your community and find out more about their creative talents. Make an extra effort to be kind and communicative towards other community members. You might meet people with whom you can collaborate and brainstorm.

Carry A Few Relevant Supplies

If it is practical to carry a few relevant supplies just in case inspiration strikes, do so. Visual artists need to keep a scrapbook and pencil handy. Writers ought to make sure they have a notebook and pen with them. Similarly, it might benefit a music composer to carry a harmonica or pennywhistle in their pocket. You are more likely to remember any creative concepts you come up with if you have a few of the right tools at your disposal.

Lose The Fear

Sometimes it is not a creative block that stops you from trying an innovative project. From time to time, you might think of an idea and then refuse to try it because of the potential for failure. If every creative person refused to try something new because of what might go wrong, all art would completely stagnate. Do not be afraid to try creative projects because they feel a little scary. It is normal to feel a little bit of trepidation when you try something new, but never let that stop you from creating.


Some creative people find meditating immensely helpful when they need fresh ideas. Meditating allows you to go inside yourself for a while. Regular meditation and journeying within can help you come up with concepts. Do not worry if meditating initially seems challenging. If you practice meditating, you will improve at it. When you can meditate effectively, you will think of more creative ideas than a meditation novice.

Take A Break from Technology

Technology does not necessarily hamper creativity. Many people use technology wisely to enhance their creativity and productivity. However, too much time spent playing computer games, watching banal videos with little substance, and arguing with strangers on social media leaves little room for fresh artistic concepts. If you find technology is interfering with your creativity, unplug for a while and focus on healthier pursuits.

Get To Work

If what you have just read inspires you to create art, do not wait to get started on your latest project. Instead, begin right away. You never know who will make the next masterpiece or when. Why can’t it be you?


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