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Love as a Verb

By Laurie Richardone

Natural Chef & Integrative Health Coach

As we move through life we adopt a new definition of what love means.

It becomes a more mature love, having less expectations that can get projected onto our beloved and all our relationships. What a beautiful opportunity to live in gratitude for our connections, and turn a proverbial blind eye for the imperfections that we all possess.

Since Valentine’s Day is coming I wanted to reflect on the ways we can show love: whether friend, family, or our beloved. Composing a meal for someone you care about is always an act of love. No matter how you do it or how often you do it, let the deep affection you feel inspire you in the kitchen.

Cooking can become a spiritual experience when you instill your joy, gratitude, and passion into what you are creating. When you cook and bake with your heart it translates into a beautiful message, and the one receiving it is warmed by this heartfelt gift.

What are your memories of being fed? About feeding others? Did someone important to you show love by providing food to you – or fail to show it through failing to provide it?

Valentine's day is celebrated but once a year. Let the essence of this day be practiced everyday, now and forever more.

Let’s celebrate Cupid, The God of Love with a heart healthy dessert. We all seem to crave something sweet, especially when it is ubiquitous in the days leading up to Valentine's Day. Nourish the body and soul through nutrition, sensual pleasure, and beauty, with a delicious recipe that will satisfy any sweet tooth. What better way to say I love you?

For Raspberry Cashew Cake Recipe : visit

To your continued good health…

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