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Summertime Smart Packing

It’s time to escape to . . . somewhere. Anywhere. It’s just time to get away.

young woman stressing about packing her clothes properly

Maybe you are only going for a weekend at a nearby cabin, or maybe you are going to a resort across the ocean. Whatever and wherever you go, take these tips with you for a worry-free vacay.

Try to pack clothes in the same color family. This makes mixing and matching easier and you will need to pack fewer items.

Rather than folding neatly, try rolling your clothes. You’ll find that they wrinkle less and you can usually fit more items in your bag.

Place heavy or stiff clothes on the bottom and lighter-weight clothes on top.

If you are packing breakable items, place them into a pair of socks. The thickness of the sock will protect the item and not take up extra room. Place breakables in the center of your bag surrounded by other clothing for protection.

Try to choose clothing that can all be worn with one or two pairs of shoes, as this item takes up a lot of space. To keep your clothing clean, be sure to place your shoes in a plastic bag. To avoid letting any space go to waste, you can put your cell phone charger or other small items inside your shoe.


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