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Beat the Blues During the Winter Months

solitary figure in the snow walking woods winter day
Keep your mood up during the winter

Some people begin to feel a little down after the holidays and before the warm spring and summer months. There are, however, things everyone can do to stay positive, focused, and happy during this time of year.

Take a vitamin D supplement. Vitamin D is the natural mood elevator that is one of the secret reasons we humans crave warm weather and sunshiny days. Your body naturally produces it when exposed to the sun, but it may be lacking during the cold days of winter.

Supplements can be bought over-the-counter, but ask your prescribing doctor if it will interact negatively with any current prescriptions you have. Vitamin D usually has no drug interactions and no side effects, so most doctors will give you the green light.

Stay connected with loved ones. This includes family and friends. Most of us reconnect with those we love during the holidays, and this can create a natural feeling of well-being and good cheer. This then fades and leaves us feeling depressed, lonely, and isolated unless we continue to maintain these connections throughout the rest of the year.

Take this chance to reconnect again now that the holiday rush is over. Go to lunch with a friend or take an exercise class together. Call or email or even visit your relatives. A few hours spent with a chosen companion or two can do wonders for your mental health.

Write a list of gratitude. This is a simple and profound tool for mood elevation. Simply list out things, people, or events you are grateful for, then place the list where you will see it regularly. Change the list every few days so you realize just how much you have to be thankful for.

Pick up an old hobby or learn a new one. Humans crave meaningful and pleasurable activities. It can be very satisfying to learn how to paint with watercolors, crochet an afghan, or to build a birdhouse. Find a craft that interests you, take a class, or go online to improve your skill.

With these tips you can have a happy, fulfilled New Year.


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