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Celebrating Life

Life happens in the space in-between

by Laurie Richardone

The time that is the space in-between the beginning and the end of something, is where life happens.

Planting the seed and reaping the harvest, grinding the beans and taking the first sip, turning on the oven, and biting into fresh baked bread, charting out a course, and reaching the summit.

It is here in the mundane, the not yet manifested, we patiently, or impatiently wait for what’s to come. It is easy to forget that it is about the journey, not the destination.

As soon as we arrive at our destination, it can be easy to look at what’s next. We don’t bask in our accomplishments, however small scale they are.

In the modern world it’s so much harder to focus on the humdrum when you’re caught up in the bustle of trying to meet goals, and achieve something. Experts suggest you can significantly improve your overall mood by jotting down three good things that happen to you each day and your role in them.

It could be as simple as bringing a smile to someone’s face. By doing so, you can also stop focusing on external results, and live in the moment, and change the way you perceive happiness and success.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that appreciating the little things, like a childhood memory, a well-made meal, getting one step closer to learning a new skill, has become more difficult in a world fixated on achievement and meeting your next career milestone.

You’re often encouraged to celebrate your big successes and then curate them for social media. This means that these smaller, simpler, precious moments in your day tend to go unnoticed.

I love this quote by Eckhard Tolle “ Do not be concerned with the fruit of your action, give your attention to the action itself, the fruit will come on it’s own accord”

Let’s give our attention to making delicious healthy Banana Bread for Mothers Day.

Celebrating all the beautiful mothers in the world.

To your good health ~ Laurie

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